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Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Video | MIDI #02 | Rainbow Factory (Duet & Solo) MIDI by DJDelta0 & Video by WeimTime Originally by WoodenToaster

Videos from both WeimTime and DJDelta0 can be found below. Link to image above

"Woho! Who like Rainbow Factory?"
*No one puts hand up*
"Awww :\"

I had a friend who shudders at even the mention of this, because I think he read the story. He never told me why ^^"

But just go and have the song below! (It is also getting late here, so this might take a few days~)

All three versions! From both WeimTime & DJDelta0

Note: Took me a while to get all the resources for my custom made preview :D, good practice with Adobe Illustrator!



And for fun, the MIDI version as well

Did you like the preview? Pleasec omment!