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Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Comic | EStories | Seeds Of Darkness 69 + EStories got his 1 millionth view!

Seeds Of Darkness 69 by EStories (Preview)

Wow! EStories' views on his deviantART account just reached 1 million O.o
And it took him a little under 13 months! So far I have 4,000 "Start off small" as the saying goes.

Also, for the preview image I will be posting onto my deviantART when chapter 70 is released. I will also start to cover "Dash Academy" by SorcerusHorserus soon, when Chapter 7, Page 2 is released.

More things will be done soon, but school finishes in 2 weeks and I'm having a school musical concert that I'll be playing in a number of orchestras. So wouldn't be posting anything that night.

Enjoy the comic below! (Was supposed to post this 6 hours ago ^^" School got in the way)

You can either read it here or just click on the image

Twitter: ILM126
deviantART: ILM126