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Thursday, 31 July 2014

Daily Dose Of Music - Heceta by FritzyBeat

Heceta by FritzyBeat

Day 2 of our FritzyBeat "Daily Dose Of Music" posts. This time we have Heceta and if memory do serves me right this was the number one in honourable mentions of 'The Top 10 Pony Songs Of May 2014'.

But enough talking, have some more FritzyBeat's amazing song below...

GalaCon On This Weekend!

GalaCon 2014 at Ludwigsburg, Germany

This weekend we have GalaCon happening over in Germany. Just a quick post remind anyone out there who is going.

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

PMV - Vfx are Magic 2


This video is awesome! Even though it is only about one minutes long, it contains ton of special effects and videos I presume that was made by this person for "Ponies: The Anthology 3" (Warming: It is like a movie, about 1h 12m~) If anyone know who drew this, can you comment below so I can credit the artist.

But check out below for a awesome special effects video...

Equestria Daily - Ponies Around The World (ALL LINKS UPDATED)

Map of Equestria by Entertainment(Not sure)

For the last few months Equestria Daily has been calling for photos from bronies around the world at their region's special feature or a landmark. From what Sethisto had been saying, this is the second year in a row that this is on.

And only on Monday Sethisto started to release some of the images. Check below the break for the links.

Note: Links will be updated daily :)
And I also submitted a picture at the last minute, a day late :\ But I got a reply back saying that it could still make it in the last post XD Hope I'll see it soon.

Day 06's submissions is released

Daily Dose Of Music - Fort Hope by FritzyBeat & Almost Anyone

Fort Hope by FritzyBeat & Almost Anyone

For the next three days I'll be posting "Daily Dose Of Music" with FritzyBeat songs. This is the first song he posted early this year, Fort Hope.

Have the song below...

Monday, 28 July 2014

BronyCon 2014 Is This Friday!!!

Spend a fun-filled weekend with fans of "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic" from across the world. With panels, concerts, special guests and much more, you're sure to go home with some new friends!

On Friday the 1st of August, the 2014 BronyCon will be held at the Baltimore Convention Centre for three days. Where (I think) about 10,000 people will show up over the weekend enjoying art, music, merch, panels and (of course) lots and lots of ponies.

This year with over 17 distinguished guests and lots on the agenda. It would be the convention that fans could not wait to go back in 2015. But I for one would love to be going to BronyCon, but due to my unfortunate positioning on the globe. It'll very hard (and costly) to travel from Australia to America without burning my wallet, but... There will always be next time :)

Check below for the links...

Sunday, 27 July 2014

Daily Dose Of Music - Poni by 4everfreebrony (ft. Sax Brony) [Pharrell Williams Ponified]

Don't be 'Happy', be 'Poni'!
Another on of 4everfreebrony's amazing ponified songs. This time it is of Pharrell Williams' hit song that played in Despicable Me 2, Happy.

Check below for another amazing ponified song.

Video - Let The Rainbow Remind You (Extended) by Hasbro Shorts

Taste da rainbow by Adlynh

We have the extended version of the last song of season 4, "Let The Rainbow Remind You" have now a extended version. From what I've heard, this song was played at the Comic Con yesterday and Hasbro uploaded it to for fans around the world to view.

But anyways, check out the videos below.

News - "IMmortal Album Premier!!" by BlackGryph0n & Baasik

"What!? What album?!"

Black Gryph0n & Baasik has been making songs that have been #01 on the Top 10 Pony Songs each month, those songs are actually part of the massive album that the both of them had been planning since the end of 2013. The Premier of the album actually happen on the Everfree Network stream yesterday. But I do have the trailer(sort of) video below.

Go and check it out!

MLP: FiM Season 4 Review + Season Overview (released draft 7)

Source - MLP: Season 4 by raggyrabit64

NOTE: This is only a draft, still working on it.
Update 7: I am almost done with the review, all I need to do is to copy and paste it over on this page. Expected it done by this weekend. (For the aussies, this long weekend.) I have been working on this for a few months now. Thank you to all those who viewed this page :) For the previous draft, here. Draft 8 should be released in the next few days since that there have been more season 5 & rainbow rocks teasers.

Congratulations, we have finally reached the end of this season at last. Below I will have some boring stats about this season and previous seasons. Also, I have made a Wikipedia article here, please help me out by adding some more information, links, references and more writing! Hope this review/overview will be interesting.

(Note: If you haven't noticed it, most links on this blog will open in a new tab when you click on it. Simple and easy :)

Thursday, 24 July 2014

PMV - Beat It (Cover by Block Gryph0n & Apple Bloom) video by Animated James

Beat It Cover Wallpaper by unknown

Another great song from Black Gryph0n & Apple Bloom. With another fabulous animation by Animated James.

If anyone know who did that art, can you inform me so I can refer the artist.

San Diego Comic Con 2014

San Diego Comic Con 2014 Logo

Today is the start of the San Diego Comic Con (SDCC). I hope that anyone went there will enjoy it :) If you have any stories there, you can comment if you would like to.

San Diego Comic Con 2014 Site

Song - Darkness Awakens, MiJyn

King Sombra by sophiecabra

Another quicky post of music. Today we have one of MiJyn's latest songs, Darkness Awakens.

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Music - You'll play your part & Let the Rainbow remind you (On Floppy and HDD) by Dranaar

Let The Rainbow Remind You by DarkestSunset

Some more Floppy Disk music and some season finale songs as well. Have some below. I really liked all the songs this season, it is really all well done.

Monday, 21 July 2014

MIDI - Apples to the Core by DJDelta0

Shadows By Tsitra360

Here is another one of WeimTime and DJDelta0's MIDI interprestations, enjoy it below. I'll post the their latest: (I think) Rainbow Factory is next.
Sorry that it took a while to post this, been having internet problems again in my part of the world.

Saturday, 19 July 2014

Song - I Can't Wait ('til Season 5) - by VocalScorePony

I'm with this song :)

Friday, 18 July 2014

AVCon 2014

AVCon = Anime and Video Games Convention

AVCon is Adelaide's proud gem and jewel in the world of anime and games. Each year it attracts thousands of people to its doors, many are from around the globe. Held each year during the Australian Winter School Holidays, people of all ages flood through those doors with the thoughts of games and anime on those minds.

And this year, after almost 5 years of waiting. I will be joining those few thousand people to enjoy a day of game testing and lots of anime :)

Below I placed some links, like to the official sites and what not.

Top 10 Pony Stuff of June 2014

Reactions To The: Nintendo E3 Direct 2014 by askgamingprincessluna.tumblr.com

Here is the top 10 pony stuff of last month. Sorry it took a while to post this, I had some trouble to connect to my internet lately. Since I use a mobile dungle (USB Internet).

But still, here are the videos below :)

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Yay! 50th Post!


FIMFiction Story Feature - "My Little Dashie" (Information Tribute)

My Little Dashie, written by ROBCakeran53

Here is my first story feature that I have done and I hope you'll enjoy what you see below. There will be fanart, songs and even a mini-movie shown below. This story really moved my heart when I read this, most people say that they cried when they read this. Well, now I'm one of them. Links below. And this will be update for the next few days, since that I just want this published. Took me about 30 minutes to do all this.

But enough chiter-chater, let's see how the fandom reacted to this story when it was published 3 years ago. On 26th of October, 2011.

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

More Posts To Come Soon

Yarr harry ohoh oho By UNKNOWN

For the past few weeks I have been stacking up videos, pictures and stories to post. So over the period of the next two weeks, extra posts will come through as it is also the school holidays till 26th. And my birthday will be on the 15th! Happy birthday to me...

And the usual, if you know who drew this, comment below. Thanks (:

Animation - Do You Want To See The Moon Rise?

Nightmare By UNKNOWN

A quickly post, loved the song and the animation too. If anyone know who drew this, please comment to let me give credit. And below for video and link to original song.

Songs - 4everfreebrony - Here On The Moon (ft. Faux Synder and Emily Jones) / I. Devine - Rainbow Factory (Rock Cover)

She's A Rainbow By CloudDG
First we have a touching song from one of my favourite artist a few months back, then we have a song that was made by a friend that I met on BronySquare. Both 4everfreebrony & I. Devine are both great artist. Since that first song about space and stuff, I thought a flying Rainbow would be appropriate :]
Great art, great art. I must really work on my own drawfriend again, maybe later.

Onwards to the songs.

Rainbow Dash's Cameo Appearance in "Transformers: Age of Extinction"

My, my. Now I'll have to go and watch this now... Maybe next Tuesday, when the tickets are cheapest (in 3D)
It'd be kind of funny, I am watching this whole movie for just a 10 second scene. Haha, what a joke.

Also, I couldn't help but noticed that Hasbro, the company that own the ponies, also owns transformers. This might just be another fun poke to us from Hasbro. :)

Also, one last thing. Just check the last of the tags below would yah?!

Voting for Top Ten Pony Songs of June 2014 Had Commenced


The voting for last month's top ten pony songs have started! Check below the break for details on voting.
I have no idea who drew this picture, if you do. Please comment and tell me so I can credit. Thanks y'all :)

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

The release of "A Night Mare" Nightmare Moon Vinyl Figure

A snapshot of what the figure could look like with the limited edition double-sided coin

Yay! WeLoveFine last week revealed a new vinyl figurine for Nightmare Moon. It looks great but since the cost of international shipping would hit me hard, I have decided not to buy this one. But maybe on day in the future, I would be able to finally get my first vinyl figure.

But as usual, the video below.