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Wednesday, 5 November 2014

News | A few small upcoming site changes n' stuff (incomplete)

Eris is excited by Az-Pekt

Recently I've been quite sadden by things that had been happening in my life. So the number of posts might be low over the next few weeks because I will also be working on a site with my friends.

I might even ask bronies to help me out if the time starts to run out, I plan to get the majority of the site up by Hearths Warming Eve (Christmas). TrebleSketch.Net will feature... (find out after the break)

Read below for more info!

Below I will do a short summary of what the site will be

*Will be constantly updated for the next day. I just need this up so feedback of the new radio button can be received!*

If you are here to comment, just ignore this and comment below!

What is this TrebleSketch.Net?

It is an idea that started out as...