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Sunday, 16 November 2014

My Stuff | Rainbow Rocks Movie Was Great! Plus my site update!

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NOTE: Meesy writing due to late ngith and I'm very tired... 01 AM now~

Now, after posting/blogging for almost seven months now plus being on the internet for a few years now. I have never, never ever ever! put my face onto the internet. But that is about to change soon. For because, soon my face along with a few other people's face will be on EQD!!!

Can anyone guess where I am?

For those who read below the breaks, nice! And if anyone can guess where I am in the picture above, I'll... don't know. I'm sure I will think of something if anyone wants to take a guess. Comment away!

My time at the movie theatre was a bit awkward at first, since it is my first meetup and all. So after I bought the ticket I just stood there with my mum looking at the group... Until I got my nerves and walked up to say hello.

The movie was even greater on the big screen! Overall I thinked that the movie is better than the first, but it still need some improvement. As seen in LittleshyFiM's Cinemare Sins Video, which I'll post soon. (In the morning please! I'm super tired from everything I did today zzZZZ)And I might even do a "Everything Wrong With It" video and/or review.

I'll keep you all posted for that.

If anyone is interested in helping me out making a website, which will be used as a centre for all things brony. Like, links to all news sites (EQD, Derpy News), forums, chatrooms, games, stories, art and loads more I'm planning. But I just need more help. Only got a few people working on this with me. If you're interested or want more info, please either comment or mail me, ILM126(at)hotmail.com.au

Also, for fun I just found this over on steam :3

Twitter: ILM126
Steam: ILM126
deviantART: ILM126