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Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Happy New Year For 2015 Everyone :D

Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year Everyone :D

Hope you will enjoy passing into the new year when it comes.... And best wishes to you all. Nothing much to say here..... I might even write a new year resolution or something sometime this weekend.

News / Video | 5,000 views with another update :| / Doctor Who - "The Last Christmas" : Santa Proves Who He Is

Happy Celestia by AmoreCadenza 

Hiya'll funny things happen when you don't have internet and when you look back on what you've done, you'll either get real surprised at what you done or that it could be just another part of your life wasted doing pointless things. But not me! I've been spending me times offline trying to get everything nice and polished so I can show you all when I'm back online, I really hoped you enjoyed your Christmas with family and friends!

And thank you very much for 5000 views!!!! XD Ahhhhh /)

Monday, 29 December 2014

Daily Dose Of Music | Wasteland Wailers - Touch Me by Overmare Studios (feat. Haymaker)

Wasteland Wailers Touch Me by Overmare Studios

Hello friends! Hope you all had a nice Christmas and hopefully a smooth transition to next year. I'll have some more info in a while. But first, enjoy the first Daily Dose Of Music in a few weeks. =D

Friday, 19 December 2014

Site Wide News | Transferring Blog Soon!

Have some Coco Pommel while I get the blog transferred! Art work by Sophie Cabra

Hello people! I got a chuck of my website up and running for my own friends, but for the pony part of the site I'm thinking of moving this whole blog over..... I'm just going to try and do that tonight, when I have more time on my hands. The landing page can be found here! I'm still working on getting the forums up before I open up the main part of the site. I will try and get the stream site running as well, hopefully I can get some people in this mini community of mine!

Just to let you know, the main part of the site will host links to all the pony/brony-related site out there I can find, along with the help of my audience (which is you) I'll be able to build this BIG network where people can find any pony websites with ease or find a friend on another forum. (I'm still working that part out) But for now I'll just get the website links done!

Hopefully I can get this sorted in a few hours time!

(A Very Quicky Post, written in 10 min)

Daily Dose Of Music | Massive Collaboration | Be a Bolt (Pony Parody of Disney's "I'll Make a Man Out of You") by Joaftheloaf (featuring lots of other people)

Be a Bolt by Joaftheloaf (And a lot of other people!)

This song gave me a nostalgia feeling.... I only know three versions of this song; The original song from Mulan, The SFM version (I'll post that below), and this one. When I first heard this song, I had feels!

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Video/Game | The Night At AJ's - Official Horror Teaser Trailer / Five Night At Pinkie's

The Night At AJ's - Film Poster [SFM] by harrygom

Hello friends! I've got something scary to share with you today! If you like Orange Apple Pony and Five Nights At Freddy's, there might be a change that you'll like this! The Night's At AJ's is an SFM (Source Filmmaker) film that is now on production and will be released next year.

I would really love to see the movie and I',m sure you would want to as well! (Unless you're scared of FNAF, which I still am)

Plus!!!!! There is also a game in development as well that I found. Five Night At Pinkie's is below :D

Enjoy the trailer and gameplay below!!!

Daily Dose Of Music | Solar Flares by Spectra

Solar Flares by Spectra

Yay! Back to a normal 'Daily Dose Of Music' now! So here is Spectra's first(?) original song, if you think this isn't repetitively enough. Check out the original mix!

Anyways, enjoy your Daily Dose Of Music below!

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Non-Pony News | SydneySiege, Over 30 hostages held (UPDATE)

Man Haron Monis, the man responsible

For all my viewers out there. Something happened in my capital city, Sydney, today. You might have already heard that up to 30 people had been held hostage in a Lindt Chocolate Shop at Martins Place in Sydney today. So far, only 5 people had made it out alive and are now supposedly in police custody.

Read more below! (UPDATE READ BELOW)

Monday, 15 December 2014

News | Bronies United by Exiark (EDIT: Version 1.1 Released)

Bronies United by Exiark

This is a project that I'll try and participate in. It's a big community collaboration that Exiark has set up a few days ago and will be ending on 12 of January next year, so watch the video and see how you can participate in this big event :D

(EDIT: Version 1.1 is now out, check below break for the links to download. I also fixed my video screenshot problems, as you can see above now!)

News | All About MLP Merch | My Little Pony Season 4 Available on DVD

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Season 04 DVD Cover Case (Source: Wikipedia)

(Another late new post)

One day... One day I'm going to get all four seasons on DVD... One day... Get the link below :D

Video | PMV | We Dreamt Our Dream by OhPonyBoy

This one... Remember the Blob Symphony? Never mind, I forgot that I don't always post videos/songs back then. But still check the song out as well, LINK. This is also a great video too. He did both the video and song himself!!! Impressive XD

One day I hope I'll reach that level of organisation, but now. I'm stuck being a high school student with lots of homework issues :P (I'm improving though!)


Video | Parody | Winter's F***ed Up (Winter Wrap Up Parody) by AnimatedJames

Oh my... I haven't seen/heard a song with this much swearing inside it in... Forever!!! This song...... My.... Just go ahead have fun with people complaining about winter while I melt under the intense summer sun here in Australia D:

Anyways, enjoy this f****** song XP

Daily Dose Of Music | Open Your Eyes (formerly Soundspark) (Exiark Wubbed-up Remix) Originally by Aviators

A song I was supposed to post way back in October. I'll post my latest preview of my remix (not Summer, info soon) soon-ish...

But still, enjoy this remix!

Saturday, 13 December 2014

Video | Animation | 500 Miles by weegygreen2

A fun cheery video. From weegygreen2, the one who did the crazy "Eez Mai Mynd" a while back.

Thursday, 11 December 2014

News | Giant Twilight Sparkle Balloon Now Rules Chile!

Oh my... I never expected this when check my Equestria Daily news feed a few days ago. But here is the video version for you all to enjoy :D

EQD Links | Giant Twilight Reign over Chile

Sunday, 7 December 2014

MIDI | DJDelta0 | Five Nights at Freddy's - Piano Transcription

Ohh! Five Nights At Freddy's, that is one of the most scariest game that I have ever played. After Slender man and Survivors D:

But still, this MIDI transcription of still of high standards! If you haven;t subscribed to DJDelta0, you should now! He's doing a very great job and I support him on continue doing so. Enjoy!

Video | Parody | Everything Wrong With Hearts and Hooves Day in 3 Minutes or Less by LittleshyFiM

Have another "Everything Wrong" episodes :D

I'll post another one of DJDelta0's latest song next!

Friday, 5 December 2014

Orion's Lift Off!

Come one! Come All! To the first-ever launch of the Orion Spacecraft!


Check below the break for the stream!!!

Daily Dose Of Non-Pony Music / News | DJ Earworm Mashup - United State of Pop 2014 (Do What You Wanna Do) / Bad News

Hello everyone... I have some bad news today, the only laptop I have, the one used to type this blog up, is broken :( I'm now using someone else's laptop to type this. But whenever I do get my hands on a laptop, I'll try and post something.

Also, tonight there will be a NASA launch. They're going to launch Orion, a spacecraft that one day could actually take humans to Mars! IT was delayed from yesterday till today! It will launch at around 7:05am (ET) Eastern Time. Check the site out here!

And more on that later... (I'm still going to be posting comics whenever I can, this is even worse than EStories' Internet Hiatus a few months ago... :'(

Thursday, 4 December 2014

Random | Psy broke the internet...

Oppa Gangnam Style!!!!! - Psy

Whoopps - Psy

Well..... I'm not sure what to make of this :\ Other than that +PSY broke the internet yesterday, he did a much better job than Kim Kardashian though ;)

Find out what happened and what did +YouTube say about it!

School | Art Class Clay Artwork! (Update!)

Twilight Sparkle, clay artwork

This is what I did for an art assignment, we'll be painting it today! Check below for 1 more image.

EDIT: New images of the almost completed Twilight Sparkle is now up!

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Comics | EStories | Seeds Of Darkness 70

Seeds Of Darkness 70 by EStories (Preview)

Hehe, any comic with the Cutie Mark Crusaders is always either cute or just plain fun! And this page is no exception! One of the many reasons why I like ponies is that they're all so cute :3


Daily Dose Of Music | Remix | Awoken (Exiark Remix) Originally by Wooden Toaster & H8_Seed

This is another great song from Exiark (previously known as SoundSpark). And I found the bass drops very captivating along with the choice of instruments chosen to go into this song. Overall, it sounds very bassy while the treble part of the song balanced it out. So... It's very good :D


Daily Dose Of Music | Spectra | Filler.mp4

A great song from Spectra, even though it is just a filler. A very good mash up :D

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

News | My Little Pony Season 5 Teaser (Spring 2015) - Pinkie Pie Recap

Just a very quick post here. Also, I'm the 9001th viewer! Click on for full image. Also, I will be doing a post of all the Season 5 teasers when they're all out. (Maybe either early next year, or a few days before Season 5 airs)

News | Orion: Trial By Fire

Just quickly posting before I fall asleep (Currently 12:00am Tuesday here)

This Thursday there will be a huge achievement that NASA is going to get.. Just Google search it, "Orion Spacecraft" here I did it for you.

It's awesome, it involves traveling at speeds up to 20,000 miles per hour (couldn't bother to convert to metric), re-entry speeds heating up to 4,000 Fahrenheit (twice as hot as molten lava!) and traveling where NASA haven't send anything towards that region for the past 50 years!

Bye now, I'm off to bed... zzzZZZZ
I tested this in Kerbal Space Program, oh, may NASA forgive me for my sins!

Monday, 1 December 2014

Video/News | Apple Horse Doesn't Change Scrunch Expressions by JHaller / Comics n' Site

Apple Horse Doesn't Change Scrunch Expressions by JHaller

I'm sorry people about the lack of posting lately. I have a very small disk space on my laptop (100GB!), so I keep all my music and videos on a harddrive that I bring around with me constantly. Which means that there will be a chance that I might drop it... Which I did early last week :\

(Continue reading below)