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Wednesday, 31 December 2014

News / Video | 5,000 views with another update :| / Doctor Who - "The Last Christmas" : Santa Proves Who He Is

Happy Celestia by AmoreCadenza 

Hiya'll funny things happen when you don't have internet and when you look back on what you've done, you'll either get real surprised at what you done or that it could be just another part of your life wasted doing pointless things. But not me! I've been spending me times offline trying to get everything nice and polished so I can show you all when I'm back online, I really hoped you enjoyed your Christmas with family and friends!

And thank you very much for 5000 views!!!! XD Ahhhhh /)

(Old Post, written 3~5 days ago)

One of my friends gave me a limited edition Funko vinyl figurine for Christmas (The Tweet) before he went back to Dubai to meet up with his family, I couldn't be more excited when I opened the present. I was practically speechless at the time and I felt..... Just really happy at his thought and trouble (which he said took them 2 hours wondering around Rundle Mall trying to find it) to get that figure.

I also got comics to catch up, and from what I have below, you'll be in for a read. Plus I will also get some routine "Daily Dose Of Music" worked out and maybe, just maybe, finally get a FIMFic compilation done and review "Fallout: Equestria - Project Horizons". Which I am currently reading now, with 1,600,000 words, I'm sure that'll be the longest story I had ever read so far. That is almost 1,000,000 words more than the original "Fallout: Equestria", which I might also review..... Life is never easy.

I'm still pondering over whether I should be moving this site or not to my own domain, http://treblesketch.net Which I am now trying to get it on it's feet, but due to the quality of my hosting, that wouldn't be possible. And I would also love to have a PayPal account soon, but am delayed for a few months. I'm thinking of using PayPal to earn some money here and there on both my music and art, but there might also be a chance that if people are generous enough, they can help me pay off the hosting or even get better hosting if the funds are sufficient.

From my current plan, it'll cost about $100 per year to run. That may sound a lot, but compared to other sites that need about $300 per month (BronySquare) to stay up, I'm pretty lucky that I'm not those sites. Also just to say, to get "https://" to more secure way of using the internet is costing $80 per year! So I'm putting a lot of money (of mine) into this.

So for new comers to the site, the site I'm currently setting up is called "Treble Sketch Network". (Not very creative, but that's all I can think of at the time) I imagined the site to be filled with links to every brony/pony related site, which will be cataloged with the help of our members. There will also be a list of streams; art, animating, games, episode and even movie steam links will be available on the site.

This has been dragging on for too long... So sometime this month I'm going to change hosting to a costing one that will hopefully change the quality of the site ^^"

I've got 1 part of the site up and now am working on 4 part now. I will also be hosting a site for a friend of mine on deviantART  for his huge list of Pony Flash Puppets. See you all in the New Year