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Monday, 1 December 2014

Video/News | Apple Horse Doesn't Change Scrunch Expressions by JHaller / Comics n' Site

Apple Horse Doesn't Change Scrunch Expressions by JHaller

I'm sorry people about the lack of posting lately. I have a very small disk space on my laptop (100GB!), so I keep all my music and videos on a harddrive that I bring around with me constantly. Which means that there will be a chance that I might drop it... Which I did early last week :\

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So now I am running out of space on this computer and I'm trying to get the harddrive fixed ASAP. I will try to post when I can, but not as I did before. I normally download the video first, play it on VLC then screenshot it, and then post it on here. So now I will be posting like I did early this year, I got images of my own, so I will upload those to replace the video/music cover images.

But for comic I will still be doing previews. Just to confirm this, I will be now covering:
Equestria Stories | Seeds Of Darkness, Find Yourself (Starting pg.80), Last Page (Starting pg.02)
SorcerusHorserus | Dash Academy (Starting Ch.7 pg.2), Red Sorena (possibility?)
DrawPonies | Adapting to Night Series (Starting Series 4, Part 7), Mare Do Well (unsure whether I'll cover) (found out that it was only a commision, but I'll cover some of his comic occasionally)
The1King | Fluttershy and the Rainbow Factory (Starting Ch.2, 1 just finished)
DarkFlame75 (<- deviantART, tumblr -> here) | Student Of The Night (no name, so... whatever come next)
Raycord Legends (Game Development Blog, but contains comics. It counts ok?)
And that is just about all the comic-related stuff that I follow. I you would like to add a series, just comment below so I can do my best to squeeze it in. Enjoy the comics when they're out!