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Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Video/Game | The Night At AJ's - Official Horror Teaser Trailer / Five Night At Pinkie's

The Night At AJ's - Film Poster [SFM] by harrygom

Hello friends! I've got something scary to share with you today! If you like Orange Apple Pony and Five Nights At Freddy's, there might be a change that you'll like this! The Night's At AJ's is an SFM (Source Filmmaker) film that is now on production and will be released next year.

I would really love to see the movie and I',m sure you would want to as well! (Unless you're scared of FNAF, which I still am)

Plus!!!!! There is also a game in development as well that I found. Five Night At Pinkie's is below :D

Enjoy the trailer and gameplay below!!!

From what I found out, all these are connected by this Youtube account. So... they are all making different versions of FNAF, but are doing a movie and a game. Wow! Just

The Five Nights At Pinkie's Developement Gameplay!