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September 19, 2015 @ 11:30AM on the Eastern Seaside of America! On the brand new, Discovery Family Channel =D

Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock!

Monday, 29 September 2014

Video | The dastardliest of schemes by klystron2010

The dastardliest of schemes by klystron2010

This guy is crazy! He always make hilarious videos! (Also a EQD 3AM post)

News | Rainbow Rocks Movie Stream A Sucessful Run

POV by Uotapo (A talented Equestria Girls artist)

The stream went great! It will be played on loop for the next few days until either Friday, Saturday or Sunday. Which everyday I can use my internet again, I think I might have burnt it out. (Equals to over used it, since I only have 5gb a month) The plan resets next Tuesday, if at the latest. Hope anyone who watched, it liked it!

Also, I did a few tweets as the movie progressed. Along with a short message to Meghan.

If haven't seen it yet, catch the video here. Starting from 5:20pm (UTC) Sunday, then from then every 3 hour 40 min after that. Approx.

EDIT: Someone just posted the HD video on Youtube, here. Enjoy!

(A Quick Post)

Sunday, 28 September 2014

News | I GOT THE VIDEO!!!!! (But it's low def though)

YAY! I just got the link from Equestria Daily! I'm just jumping on my bed now ('cause it's 11PM here already!) Now for anyone who wants to watch Rainbow Rocks and don't care about the quality 'cause it's filmed from a cinema, go crazy below. And better quick, the film will finish in:

ILM126's Stream Now Playing "My Little Pony: Equestria Girls - Rainbow Rocks (Filmed from the cinema)"

News | Release of Rainbow Rock movie delayed!

Need credits for this photo!

Sorry people, the link for Equestria Girls - Rainbow Rocks isn't out yet... If it does come out by the end of this week I'll place it into the stream. I'm also frantically working on the site and the stream request forms and etc. I shall finish it all by the coming Sunday!

But to those who want to only hear the audio of the film, here is it kindly provided by +●MylittleBronieDE●Link to the post.

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See you tomorrow!

from Rainbowdash.net

I'll be going to be now ('cause it's 2AM Sunday here), in the morning I'll be posting (hopefully) the link back to my blog to watch Rainbow Rocks! Goodnight, yawn!

A Quicky Post.

Saturday, 27 September 2014

Congratulations! Rainbow Rocks Is Now Airing!

Congratulations to all those people out there who are watching the movie right now! But I'm just staying comfortably inside my house watching my stream. (Note: An Equestria Girls themed one!)

Rainbow Rocks Movie Premiere Steam Is Now Live!!!

Equestria Girls Twilight by Uotapo

No site stream, using streaming site! Also, no links yet to RR stream('cause there are none, maybe). Will get link from DailyMotion when up. Stream can be found @ Cytu.be or Equestria.tv. I'm posting the playlist for both streams now...
The video of official movie (RR) should be added to the playlist in around 8 ~ 10 hours time, depending on when I would wake up tomorrow ('cause it's now 11pm here).

News | Gah! The Movie is airing at 10:00AM with the time above!

GAH! Rainbow Rocks is actually airing in under 3 hours! Now I just quickly need to find a stream and upload the page! This will break the record of me making a page in under 2 hours! Now all I need to do now is to just find a steam that will be playing rainbow rocks! If that fails, I will just upload a link to the movie, which I just found to be uploaded already...

Or I can just make a stream of my own and add the movie link and watch along...

Thursday, 25 September 2014

MIDI | Hearts as Strong as Horses by WeimTime, MIDI by DJDelta0

(Can someone help me out with this, I don't know what this is) by Fluttershy the Kind

Just something quick here. Hearts as Strong as Horses Piano Transcription! Quick Post!

News | Site almost finished!

I now have to prototype of the site up! All I need to do now is to get the stream page template up and I'll be done! I think I can get the site running by Saturday night, but all this would have been for nothing if there would be no streams up :\

But remember this, I don't stream. I just have the embed version of the stream up and links to the stream itself. Just think of it as a portal to pony-related streams around the world.

Daily Dose Of MIDI | Hearts as Strong as Horses (w/ reprise) - Piano Transcription by DJDelta0

I also ran out of new images... This was in my earlier posts

Gah! I'm running out of songs to post! It has been two weeks since I last added any news songs to my list, this weekend might be another quite two days. Since Rainbow Rocks will be airing at around Sunday morning (My Local Time), there might be posts...

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

News | EQD Have some... Rainbow Rocks Spoilers!

Gah! Spoilers everywhere! Equestria Daily have already two posts up, get them here (post 1) and here (post 2). Post 2 only happened just 15 min ago...

I'll keep this updated as new ones come out.

News | Streaming Site Update

No credits... Need credits...

For the streaming I had originally decided to host it on the blog, but due to the fact that it can't handle a streaming "iframe" format. I'll have to quickly start up a site and host it there.
I have two options up, either I can do it in the format like Equestria.Tv (w/ CMC Clubhouse being the example) or I can just make a streaming site and just embed the stream onto it. I only have 2 days before it needs to go live, wish me luck!

News | Straight From Equestria Daily! - "Brony Physically Attacked for Wearing a Pony Shirt at an Airport"

We weren't too sure if we were going to run with this one, as all we have to point to for information is an Imgur album, but it can't hurt right? Apparently someone was visiting New York for a convention when two miles from JFK International he was attacked by two guys simply due to his MLP Shirt.  His (Warning: Bloody) Imgur album is pretty graphic, so be sure to avoid it if you are squeamish. Luckily he seems to be in high spirits and doing well now, albiet rocking some bandages on his head.  

It's pretty ridiculous that something like that could happen in this day and age.  Hopefully the people that did it are eventually caught. 
 I really hope he gets well soon!

(Note: This happened to be my 126th post!)

Daily Dose Of Music | Nowhere to Hide by Nicolas Dominique

Nowhere to Hide by Nicholas Dominique

A Fallout: Equestria song by Nicolas?! Wow, I never expected that, but it's still a song by Nicolas = Amazing. And it is. Sorry for the lack of post yesterday, vaccination on Monday & shorter school day means I had less time to post. (Schools ends 1 hour earlier every Tuesday for me)

Have some awesome Nicolas music below

Monday, 22 September 2014

Daily Dose Of Music | Wereluna (Blood Moon Mix) by Nicolas Dominique

Wereluna (Blood Moon Mix) by Nicholas Dominique

Anyone out there believes in Wereponies? But if wereponies aren't your cup of tea, the music is still great! Have another great piece by Nicolas Dominique below the break.

News - MLP: EG | Rainbow Rocks Special Post Reminder

Rapper Pie by Uotapo

(I am doing this in hope of an actual videos stream, if there is no streaming. I will be placing a notice below the countdown. For all my EG posts, I will be posting with Uotapo's art only.)

Hello folks! Over on another section of this blog I had started to set up a page just dedicated to videos streams provided by the wider community. Most links would come from Equestria Daily (thanks!) and a few might be just my personal choices that I've been using. (eg// CMC Clubhouse)

I would be probably posting the link a few hours ~ a day before the movie premiere, so keep checking here for the time to come.

I probably wouldn't be posting  the rest of the day, due to the vaccinations I will be getting in 1/2 hours time. I might post one more Daily Dose Of Music before the day finished.

Video Of The Month?! - MLP:FIM Season 4 in about 50 seconds by klystron2010

MLP: FiM Season 4 in about 50 seconds by klystron2010

I have no idea why I didn't share this video ages ago, I mustn't have taken blogging seriously back then. But now I have finally post this! I also added "Of the month" just in case if there would be an even better one later in the year.

It's a must see, get some carazy ponies below!

Daily Dose Of Music - Together by Foozogz

Together by Foozogz

Another masterpiece by Foozogz! Truly an amazing song that really deserved its spot in August's Top Ten Pony Songs.

Have some decisively happy tune below.

Story Review - One Man's Pony Ramblings: Fandom Classics Part 69: The Celestia Code

One Man's Pony Ramblings: Fandom Classics Part 69: The Celestia Code: To read the story, click the image or follow   this link Heh, sixty-nine. ...Okay, I've got it out of my system.  Do your giggling...

(Quick Post)

Video - Lincoln Humphries ALS Nomination

Just a great ALS Nomination, I think that the rave of this is cooling down now! I found this nomination quite funny! What do you people think about this?

Comic - Seeds Of Darkness p.56 by Equestria Stories

Seeds Of Darkness by Equestria Stories

I have been following Equestria Stories' "Seeds Of Darkness", I can tell you for sure that this is a good series to follow. Also, my first comic post. Yay! :mlp-aawyeah: (Note: I used a Google Chrome extension(or plug-in) here, called MLP Emoticons from the chrome store)

Also, if you want to read the whole series, but don't want to spend ages scrolling through the files, I got a folder on Google Drive with all the pages published so far. If you want a copy, just comment and I'll give you the link. (Note: The images above is edited...)

Sunday, 21 September 2014

Daily Dose Of Music - Starcrossed by Vylet Pony (ft. LilyCloud)

Starcrossed by Vylet Pony (ft. LilyCloud)

Have some Vinyl x Tavi song below. Vylet Pony really makes great songs while LilyCloud does great vocals! Support these two artists!

Thursday, 18 September 2014

News - MLP: EG - Rainbow Rocks Pre-1 week Trailer "Better Than Ever"

Have the newest trailer of Equestria Girls below, someone uploaded to youtube for non-USA members. Enjoy!

Daily Dose Of MIDI - Swing! Tavi Swing! (Piano Transcription) MIDI by DJDelta0 Originally by Joaftheloaf

Swing! Tavi Swing! (Piano Transcription) by DJDelta0, originally by Joaftheloaf

Some awesome MIDIs by the Piano transcriptor, DJDelta0! With a great hit, Swing! Tavi Swing! by Joaftheloaf.

Get some MIDIs below.

I got credit for an Equestria Daily post!

The second time that I've been credited for something on EQD, the last time I got credited it was a single post!

I sort of found out about Meghan McCarthy's mystery author code yesterday. But I was the second one to find out, but I still got credited when I send the info in. Link to Meghan McCarthy EQD (shared credit) post, and link to Spike-a-thon EQD (single) post. "Note: When I send in my Spike-a-thon piece of news, I still had TCS Creeper as my name..."

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Daily Dose Of Music - You'll Play Your Part by FlutterTreeMuffin (ft. Meredith Sims, MEMJ, and EileMonty)

You'll Play Your Part by FlutterTreeMuffin (ft. Meredith Sims, MEMJ, and EileMonty)

Another song from the Top Ten Songs of August 2014. A cover of "You'll Play Your Part", the first song in the Season 4 finale. The four of them did a great job at emphasising the emotions in the song,.

Enjoy the great cover below!

Daily Dose Of Music - Destiny by Carbon Maestro (ft. Haymaker)

Destiny by Carbon Maestro (ft. Haymaker)

Have some Tirek/Twilight battle music below.

School - Home Economics Tuesday Cooking 17/09

Hmmm. Food.

Just cooked this at Home Economics. A very quick post before school finishes, and below the break I have 2 more images of the Kangaroo burger. (Late post, supposed to post 18 hours ago)

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Daily Dose Of Music - The Twilight Will Rise by Turquoise Splash (ft. Megaphoric and Joaftheloaf)

The Twilight Will Rise by Turquoise Splash (ft. Megaphoric & Joaftheloaf)

This song is in the Top Ten Pony Songs of August 2014, great song I must say. I really like how Turqoise makes his songs and both Megaphoric & Joaftheloaf did a great job too!

Anyways, get some Twilight below...

News - The Equestria Daily Exclusive Rainbow Rocks Trailer

Do I even need to say anything?

Over on EQD, they have a exclusive preview at the upcoming Rainbow Rocks movie. Click here for the preview on EQD and here for the wikipedia page on Rainbow Rocks. Or you can just see it below the break.

Monday, 15 September 2014

Music - Find the Music in You (Floppy Music) by lionovsky

Floppy Music: Find the Music in You  by lionovsky

Here is some floopy music, it has been a while since I posted any floppy music. Well here, *shoves this at you* there you go.

Hear it below.

Daily Dose Of Music - Harmony Ascendant by ponyphonic

Harmony Ascendant by ponyphonic

Oh My God!This song is just amazing!!! You all must hear this. Too amazing XD

Songs - Top 10 Pony Songs of August 2014 - Community Voted

Top Ten Pony Songs of August, 2014

Hi folks! Last month's top the pony songs are out! Get it below. This month's listing are great!

Saturday, 13 September 2014

Animation - How ponies made Season 4 by AgrolChannel

How ponies made the Season 4 by AgrolChannel

So is this how they made season 4 now? I wonder... get some animated ponies making a animation series.

Daily Dose Of Music - 'Discord' (The Living Tombstone Remix) For Orchestra | Original by Eurobeat Brony, Remix by The Living Tombstone, Orchestral Version by For Orchestra

You hear this?! Also, long title, egh?

Friday, 12 September 2014

MIDI - Glass of Water (Piano Transcription) by DJDelta0


It has been a while since I have posted anything MIDI. Have some Discorded song on the piano below.

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Video - Applejack Rides a Balloon to Space by Companioncube64

Applejack Rides a Balloon to Space by Companioncube64

Ponies in space?! First Luna and now this? I really wonder who would be next...

See Applejack going to space below...

Song - I Will Continue (Silverlay's Theme) by MandoPony

I Will Continue (Silverlay's Theme) by MandoPony

I think I just discovered one of the best MLP-themed comic series there ever will be (so far). Great song here with my mind still fresh from just finishing the comic series 30 min ago.

You can find the link to the site, along with the song below!

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Video - Pompeii (PMV) by Red Card

Pompeii (PMV) by Red Card

I really love this song XD!!! Red Card did a great job with this PMV, what he does just never fail to amaze me! Also, this is my 100th post. Yay. >o<

Get some "Eeh-eeh-oh!Eeh-oh! Eeh-oh! Eeh-eeh-oh!Eeh-oh! Eeh-oh!" below

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Video - Fallout Equestria: Pre-Alpha Gameplay by TOmS

Fallout Equestria: Pre-Alpha Gameplay by The Overmare Studios

I wonder if there are any Fallout: Equestria fans here. But I know I am! A while back, The Overmare Studios released a Pre-Alpha Gameplay for the Fallout Equestria game they are making with Unity3D.

The gameplay below, enjoy...

Videos - The Top Ten Pony Videos of August 2014 by JHaller

The Top Ten Pony Videos of August 2014 by JHaller

Here is this last month's top ten pony videos. And it seems like Cartoon Horse Program won it or something....

Below for the fun!

Monday, 8 September 2014

Video - CARTOON HORSE PROGRAM!! by anangrysockpuppet

CARTOON HORSE PLANET!! by anangrysockpuppet

Cartoon Horse Program. Wonder what this is all about?

Sunday, 7 September 2014

QUICK END SOON - The Top Ten Pony Video Voting for August 2014

Sorry about that. Just that I've forgot to check for this, the house move over was successful today. We still have a few more furniture to move and what not. I might be posting some images I took soon-ish...

Quick it ends soon! SEPTEMBER 7th @ 11:59 PM EST (American)

Friday, 5 September 2014

Daily Dose Of Music - LOST by 4everfreebrony feat. Electro-BLITZ

Lost by 4EverFreeBrony (Feat. Electro-BLITZ)

Just another quicky post. But I'll be moving house tomorrow, yay!

This is also the last song made by 4everfreebrony before he left for missionary mission. (Or something like that. Check his channel here to find out) Also good vocals from Electro-BLITZ.

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Video/Quick News - How 2 Hiatus by Snivian Moon

How 2 Hiatus by Snivian Moon

Sorry that I haven't been posting for a week or two now. I have been busy preparing for a few big assignments and also towards the day I will be moving house, it has been almost a year now since I have been in a house that is actually mine. Ever since May, I have been housesitting. But you can read more on my FIMFiction blog, here and here.

But I also have a video for you people out there who is damned bored. Go check below.