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Saturday, 27 September 2014

Rainbow Rocks Movie Premiere Steam Is Now Live!!!

Equestria Girls Twilight by Uotapo

No site stream, using streaming site! Also, no links yet to RR stream('cause there are none, maybe). Will get link from DailyMotion when up. Stream can be found @ Cytu.be or Equestria.tv. I'm posting the playlist for both streams now...
The video of official movie (RR) should be added to the playlist in around 8 ~ 10 hours time, depending on when I would wake up tomorrow ('cause it's now 11pm here).

(Don't bother reading this, just a whole lot of re-edits and info that is summarised above.)

Yay! The stream site is now live! The page I have spend all week preparing is ready and live! Just click over here and enjoy! Please share this site with your friends so they can watch the stream as well. I hope that you find this useful!

Find the site over here, I can't use the streaming stuff here so I had to write a completely new website from Bootstrap. If there are any bugs or problems, email me on "contact@ilm126streaming.zyro.com"

The site just couldn't be finished in time, so I just used a very reliable site where I know can stream without using your internet, because I use a dongle (how mine would look). I can't stream properly...

But now I have it up here, I'll just put up a playlist of videos (aka the sneak peeks or the exclusive shorts until someone post it on DailyMotion). I had to resort to dailymotion is because if I would like to watch/grab the file off one streaming website, I would need to have a credit card (SCAM!!!). Since I'm too young (ha, I'm not 18 yet!) to get one, I just could grab the video file.

When my stream reaches the end, the dailymotion video should be up by then. Hopefully, because when the movie finishes it would be around 12:10 Am Sunday for me. Then I would only wait until 1:30Am before looping my stream, when I wake up in the morning I would check for the video. If it is there, I will post another one with the link back to my stream and enjoy!

Now just to make this thing short, here is my stream(on cytu.be) and my copy on Equestria.tv. (I write messly when I' m in a hurry, also I started writting this a hour ago. Because I keep going back to work on the stream and then type some more here... blah, my mind is all messed up today :(