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Monday, 22 September 2014

News - MLP: EG | Rainbow Rocks Special Post Reminder

Rapper Pie by Uotapo

(I am doing this in hope of an actual videos stream, if there is no streaming. I will be placing a notice below the countdown. For all my EG posts, I will be posting with Uotapo's art only.)

Hello folks! Over on another section of this blog I had started to set up a page just dedicated to videos streams provided by the wider community. Most links would come from Equestria Daily (thanks!) and a few might be just my personal choices that I've been using. (eg// CMC Clubhouse)

I would be probably posting the link a few hours ~ a day before the movie premiere, so keep checking here for the time to come.

I probably wouldn't be posting  the rest of the day, due to the vaccinations I will be getting in 1/2 hours time. I might post one more Daily Dose Of Music before the day finished.