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Monday, 29 September 2014

News | Rainbow Rocks Movie Stream A Sucessful Run

POV by Uotapo (A talented Equestria Girls artist)

The stream went great! It will be played on loop for the next few days until either Friday, Saturday or Sunday. Which everyday I can use my internet again, I think I might have burnt it out. (Equals to over used it, since I only have 5gb a month) The plan resets next Tuesday, if at the latest. Hope anyone who watched, it liked it!

Also, I did a few tweets as the movie progressed. Along with a short message to Meghan.

If haven't seen it yet, catch the video here. Starting from 5:20pm (UTC) Sunday, then from then every 3 hour 40 min after that. Approx.

EDIT: Someone just posted the HD video on Youtube, here. Enjoy!

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