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September 19, 2015 @ 11:30AM on the Eastern Seaside of America! On the brand new, Discovery Family Channel =D

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Friday, 31 October 2014

Comic | EStories | Seeds Of Darkness 63

Seeds of Darkness 63 by EStories | Preview

Here it is! The next part in the flashback of how Celestia met Holly :D I really couldn't wait for what would happen next! Getting this comic would be the first thing I do when I get up every morning this week!

But enjoy the comic below!!! ^_^

Thursday, 30 October 2014

News | EQD | This Person Is Crazy!!!!!

Source: From the EQD post.

OMG! I just found out that someone cut Rainbow Rocks up and have a video to every single line ever said! Which adds up to about 629 videos or something!!!

Watch that here!

Video | Parody | Everything Wrong With Baby Cakes in 3 Minutes or Less by LittleShyFiM

(Parody) Everything Wrong With Baby Cakes in 3 Minutes or Less by LittleShyFIM

Hehe! Did you all know that this is the first ever episode that I ever watched around 14 months ago! I still remember that afternoon like it was yesterday, well, maybe. Now I watch this with the memory of the episode and I laughed a lot!

This is a extra hilarious "Cinemare Sins" episode, a must watch! Also, Everything Wrong With "Read It And Weep" In 3 Minutes or Less was just released. I'll post it soon!

Watch it below!

Daily Dose Of Music | Remix | Big Brother, Best Friend Forever (TGiuseppe's Orchestral Remix)

MLP - Big Brother, Best Friend Forever (TGiuseppe's Orchestral Remix) by TGiuseppe

Yay! It's been a while since I last heard this song, most of the songs from Season 2 are great! With Smile Song being #01 with this close behind :)

Check below to have an orchestral remix of Big Brother, Best Friend Forever!

Comic | EStories | Seeds of Darkness 62

Seeds of Darkness 62 by EStories
Here is another Seeds of Darkness comic post, it has been a while since I last posted a comic one. But from today, I'll be posting one every day until this Sunday, when this section of the story is done. I'll resume posting other stories I follow.

But if you want your comics featured here, just post the link in the comments and I'll add it to my list of comics that I follow. I made the preview above you see. Is the format ok?

I also send this to Equestria Daily every time it's released, so if you see Seeds of Darkness on EQD, that'll probably be me :)

Go read that below!

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Daily Dose Of Music | Reality (4EverfreeBrony cover contest) by The L-Train

Reality (4EverfreeBrony cover contest) by The L-Train

I really love this song, it was originally in 4EverfreeBrony's Concept album,"The Pink Side Of the Moon". You might know L-Train from my previous post of his cover of Rainbow Rocks. But this song a break from his usual rock themed songs.

Have the peaceful song below!

Video | PMV | A Sky Full of Stars (PMV) by Red Card

A Sky Full Of Stars (PMV) - My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic by Red Card | (Bad image due to the fact that I haven't got the video yet)

This is my favourite song from Coldplay. A Sky Full Of Stars was a song that was released about 5 ~ 6 months ago, Australia was going crazy when this song came out. I was one of them! It a good song and now it's even better with this as a PMV! I also enter this into Equestria Daily's Simple PMV Compilations. I'll link it when they post it!

Have some great Red Card PMVs below!

Monday, 27 October 2014

News | 4EverfreeBrony | [Double Album Release], plus a 4EverfreeBrony Cover Contest! by 4EverfreeBrony

[Double Album Release], plus a 4EverfreeBrony Cover Contest! by 4EverfreeBrony (Sorry for the bad pic)

As some you people out there might know that 4EverfreeBrony (Garrison Ulrich) is now somewhere in the world, doing missionary work for the next two years. But he did leave a huge number of songs and videos to still be posted during that time.

Recently, a cover contest was started over on his Youtube channel, saying that anyone can get all of his songs. (Only the instrumental bits) But now I'm thinking of buying the album and doing the cover too. So keep updated on that.

If you want more info, check the video below...

Video | Cinemare Sins | (Parody) Everything Wrong With The Last Roundup in 3 Minutes or Less by LittleshyFIM

(Parody) Everything Wrong With The Last Roundup in 3 Minutes or Less by LittleshyFIM


Too bad I wasn't around when all that thing with Derpy happened... But when I did join this fandom, it was all fixed. Lucky me :)

Have some sins with Derpy and that orange lying, honest, running-away-from-home pony below!

Daily Dose Of Music | No One Will Miss Me When I'm Gone (Littlepip Parody of The Cup Song from Pitch Perfect) by Sonic Lightning

No One Will Miss Me When I'm Gone (Littlepip Parody of The Cup Song from  Pitch Perfect) by Sonic Lightning, art by Vector Brony

An Fallout: Equestria song! It's been a while now since I had a Fallout post... And what a long name for the song!

There shall be more posts soon... Probably a few from today till Nightmare Night (Halloween). Enjoy the song below!

Sunday, 26 October 2014

Video | Scootaloo Needs You! [Animation] by Eben Toons

An Equestria Daily 3 AM Post. No words... Other than to tell Seth this.

Friday, 24 October 2014

Daily Dose Of Music | Let’s Have a Battle (Of the Bands) 8-Bit Remix by WigWoo1

Let's Have a Battle (Of the Bands) 8-bit Remix by WigWoo1

Let's Have a Battle (Of the Bands) 8-bit Remix by WigWoo1, a good 8-bit remix! Another Equestria Girls - Rainbow Rocks song! (Quickly Post)

Have the song below :D Enjoy

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Video | Sunset Shimmer has an Experience with Bronies by Wubcake

Sunset Shimmer has an Experience with Bronies by Wubcake


Random video below by Wubcake.

Daily Dose Of Music | (Rainbow Rocks Spoiler) Let's have a battle (SquareHead Remix)

Let's Have a Battle Of the Bands (SquareHead Remix) by SquareHead

Now I have most of my school things under control now, I'll start to post again :)

But now, I'll just start this off with an Rainbow Rocks remix! Let's Have a Battle of the Bands, remixed by SquareHead! I also now have internet at my house now and I also have steam & skype. If you want to add me on steam: go here. I will only give out my skype if I am working on a collab.

Note: I only have 50GB per month and I only have TF2 & Source Filmmaker installed. (25gb used :0) So if you want to play with me, it'll be best if you have TF2.

Anyways, have some music that will definitely rock you!

Monday, 20 October 2014

Daily Dose Of Music | Rainbow Rocks (Cover) by The L-Train

Rainbow Rocks (cover by The L-Train

Have some Rainbow Rock music below. Expect a lot more Rainbow Rock related stuff coming up! First up, we have a rock cover of the first song - Rainbow Rocks! Have it below...

Plus, if you haven't seen Rainbow Rocks. I highly suggest that you do, it is a WHOLE lot better than the first one. I'm sure that it'll be worth your time :)

Saturday, 18 October 2014

I'm streaming now!!!!

You can find my channel over hrer => http://goo.gl/NB6m53
I'll be streaming CinemaQuestra today! Better hurry, it has started!

Friday, 17 October 2014

Stream | Rainbow Rocks Stream Site #01 - The Brony Network

Brony Network

Stream site number #01 = The Brony Network. Everything below.

Random | O3O3O3O3O3O3O3O3O3O3O3O3O 2 - by ???

Random post. Too lazy to do all that stuff I usually do. Also, I have Steam & Skype now! Yay, along with SFM. Even more yay!  :mlp-dawhyeah:

(also, who is by again?)

Stream, School & Story | CinemaQuestria RR stream / First art class / My second story (17 October Post)

My Little Pony: Equestria Girls - Rainbow Rocks Discovery Family Channel Live Movie Premiere Streaming!

Hello people! Here is another streaming site that will be streaming Equestria Girls this Friday (or Saturday, wherever you are). CinemaQuestria was mentioned on Equestria Daily early this year, but it was previously named "Babble with Bronies".

Also, the other reason why I haven't been posting is because I am buying a domain for a school website I'm making with my friends. I have mentioned this site a few times in previous posts, I shall be busy for a few more days. I'll just do a cover post with all the things I've taken over this school week. (eg/ I have my first art lesson)

(a sort of Quicky Post)

Thursday, 16 October 2014

News | Applejack Appreciation Day! (Or it might be yesterday~)

Epicenter - Wallpaper by AntylaVX

Just going to post a image here, since school is now in full swing I can't post. Again :\ But a few good facts to know is that,
a) My internet is back (50gb p/month)
b) I just got SFM (Source FilmMaker)
c) And I got skype and steam up! (Yay!)

Just a few Applejack stuff below... (Only links, sorry I'm kind of in a hurry to finish my homework~)

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Stream | 2 days till ●MylittleBronieDE●'s Discovery Family Channel Rainbow Rocks TV Premiere Stream!

This images will be updated until the stream starts, will be replaced by a timer when t-1 day is passed

Hey everyone! The "My Little Pony: Equestria Girls - Rainbow Rocks" Discovery Family Channel movie TV premiere will be happening in around 2 days after this post. Below you can find the youtube timer and stuff. Plus the links.

Also, RIP The Hub Network. 2010/10/10 ~ 2014/10/13. Now, Discovery Family Channel. 2014/10/13~???

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Daily Dose Of Music | Nightmare by StrachAttack

Nightmare by StrachAttack

Have some Nightmare Night-themed songs! I hope you all like it, because this was also featured in a Equestria Daily Spotlight Music Post. Have some Nightmare music below!

Song | Top 10 Pony Songs of September 2014

Top Ten Pony Songs of September 2014 by Top Ten Pony Songs

Here it is folks! This month's Top Ten Pony Songs listing is out! And here you have, all the greatest songs of last month! Get it below!

News | WeLoveFine Figurine Revealed!

What is this? Looks like...

Hello! Sorry about the "very late" post, the New York Comic Con just happened to be on while it's bedtime here. But at least I got the photos all ready when I first woke up! But I didn't post it till today, school started yesterday and I'm just getting the hang of things.

I will definitely start to post more again within the next week. Also, I'm getting my internet back tomorrow! :mlp-fgrin:

Check below to find out what the figure looks like...

Thursday, 9 October 2014

Daily Dose Of Music | [MMPR x MLP FiM] Mighty Morphin' Power Ponies Theme by KingSpartaX37 (Delta Brony)

 [MMPR x MLP FiM] Mighty Morphin' Power Ponies Theme by KingSpartaX37

Have a long over due song, the Mighty Morphin' Power Ponies Theme by KingSpartaX37! This is a great song/theme, KingSpartaX37 a.k.a Delta Brony, also makes game theme songs. You can find him on Youtube and deviantART.

Life | 3D Printing Workshop Part 1 (9:30am ~ 12:30pm)

3D Printing Workshop

Hello people! Right now I'm having a 3D Printing Workshop, I heard that there have been some trouble with Hasbro that a few people got involved in some months back. (EDQ post) That got me interested in this when I heard the news. So now I signed up for the workshop and here are some images I screenshotted.

I'm currently having lunch now so after this I'll be busy for another 3 more hours, if I don't post anything by then. I will post the next one over the weekend..

News | WeLoveFine's Super Fantastic Not Another Variant Figure

Someone says it look "Yellow and Pink"~ I wonder, find out that here

MIDI | Welcome to the Show - Piano Transcription by DJDelta0

Welcome to the Show - Piano Transcription by DJDelta0

Wow. DJDelta0 is very quick with his transcriptions, I also got a EQD single post with this. Enjoy the first piano transcription from Equestria Girls - Rainbow Rocks.

Video | Top Ten Pony Videos Of September 2014

The Fun Has Arrived!

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Video | After the Fact: Flash Sentry by Silver Quill

After the Fact: Flash Sentry by Silver Quill

Poor him~ Wonder where this is going... But I do know that it might be funny~ Have some "After the Fact" with Flash Sentry below...

Monday, 6 October 2014

Stream | The theme vote system up!

Have a Derp! | Credits: ??? by ???

I got the basics of my stream theme votes system up (using Google Forms), it can be found here. If you think that it can be improved or you need help, please comment! I'm all ears..

Daily Dose Of Music | Cold originally by Synthis, 4EverfreeBrony and FritzyBeat Remixed by 174UDSI

Cold Originally by Synthis, 4EverfreeBrony and FritzyBeat | Remixed by 174UDSI

Another 174UDSI remix. This time we have, Cold by Synthis, 4EverfreeBrony and FritzyBeat, all great artists! I'm sure you'll all like it.

I have been on school holidays since 26th, so that is partly why I haven't been posting constantly. I also over used my internet (5GB p/month) and it will renew tomorrow. Once school starts next week the posting shall continue at its usual pace again.

Have some nice remix below...

Stream | I got the DailyMotion Video now~

18 min into stream now

I got the video~ (Streaming now, but unless you want to see the livestream from the Hub Network. Come back one hour before it starts and see the pre-stream) http://cytu.be/r/ILM126-Stream

EDIT 01: The Rainbow Rocks themed stream is now over, but this week I have Season 4 running. When Discovery Family Channel (formerly known as Hub Network) airs Rainbow Rocks, I will be putting that in the stream playlist as well for that day.


Sunday, 5 October 2014

Animation | Chip of Discord by Duo Cartoonist

Chip of Discord by Duo Cartoonist

This is sooo cute! Baby Discord and Angel Bunny must be so cute when they're in this video >o<

Have the adorable video below...

Saturday, 4 October 2014

Weird | The Flying Spaghetti Monster & The Invisible Pink Unicorn (Religion)

Couldn't life get more weird. Check out The Flying Spaghetti Monster (FSM) and The Invisible Pink Unicorn (IPU).
Quick summary of how I found both: My friend found this the FSM and told me about it, I then told him to check out the wikipedia page for it, I found the link to IPU at the bottom, done.

(A Quick Random Post)

News | Hub Network Says It's #WorldSmileDay and so it is!

MLP: FiM Season 01 Episode 01 Shapshot

Have some smiles!

News/Daily Dose Of Music | 2,000 views! / When You're Offline by Turquoise Splash

545999__safe_pinkiepie_trixie_lyra_lyraheartstrings_fireworks_artist-colon-rariedash_yearofthehorse_chinesenewyears by "someone on this forum thread" (I have no idea who did this...)

Yay! 2,000 views in 7 months! That might seem a lot but 2,000 views is just a huge jump from about 1,000 views at around late August. And this is also my 142nd post! Plus there were 46 posts last month! Lots of record breakers recently!

As a celebration, you viewers can have a Daily Dose Of Music post as well! When You're Offline by Turquoise Splash, this song quite fits my life sometime. I haven't heard how this song goes because I'm at my local library now (since my monthly internet ran out!) and I also forgot to bring my earphones to listen! (facepalm!) But when I'm back home I'll listen to it...

By the name of the song, that happens to me quite a lot! But anyways, have the song below the break!

Friday, 3 October 2014

Daily Dose Of Music | My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Intro - A 174UDSI Remix

My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Intro (174UDSI Remix) by 174UDSI

This is the first I've heard someone remixing the intro song of the show, other than the intro to Equestria Girls (the first one) that Danile himself remixed. 174UDSI has been making great music since I first heard his songs, back in January I found a remied version of Hearts As Strong As Horses(?). I liked it so I went on to hear his other songs, but didn't find this one.

But enough chitchat, have some amazing intro remix below...

Thursday, 2 October 2014

News | Voting for Top Ten Pony Songs of SEPTEMBER 2014

Voting for "The Top Ten Pony Song Of September" is now live! Remember, the voting will last only 1 week from this post! Vote now!