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Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Daily Dose Of Music | (Rainbow Rocks Spoiler) Let's have a battle (SquareHead Remix)

Let's Have a Battle Of the Bands (SquareHead Remix) by SquareHead

Now I have most of my school things under control now, I'll start to post again :)

But now, I'll just start this off with an Rainbow Rocks remix! Let's Have a Battle of the Bands, remixed by SquareHead! I also now have internet at my house now and I also have steam & skype. If you want to add me on steam: go here. I will only give out my skype if I am working on a collab.

Note: I only have 50GB per month and I only have TF2 & Source Filmmaker installed. (25gb used :0) So if you want to play with me, it'll be best if you have TF2.

Anyways, have some music that will definitely rock you!