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Thursday, 16 October 2014

News | Applejack Appreciation Day! (Or it might be yesterday~)

Epicenter - Wallpaper by AntylaVX

Just going to post a image here, since school is now in full swing I can't post. Again :\ But a few good facts to know is that,
a) My internet is back (50gb p/month)
b) I just got SFM (Source FilmMaker)
c) And I got skype and steam up! (Yay!)

Just a few Applejack stuff below... (Only links, sorry I'm kind of in a hurry to finish my homework~)

(EQD Copypaste)

====<! AJ DAY MUSIC/PMV/COVERS by Calpain !>====

[1] Source
My Little Heaven

[2] Source
★ AppleJack | REMASTERED | It's Time | PMV ★

[3] Source
[PMV] Applejack ~ Breaking Inside

[4] Source
Musical Film - Wake up Applejack!

[5] Source
Stop The Bats Stallion Cover by ScamMasterEddy2010

[6] Source
Flawless.mov 2: Apple Boogaloo

====<! AJ DAY WALLPAPERS by Calpain !>====

Hoping to make your AJ Day complete? Well, pimp out your desktop with a selection of AJ themed wallpapers! We probably missed some so make sure to give your suggestions in the comments.

[1] Source
Epicenter - Wallpaper

[2] Source

[3] Source
Super Smash Ponies New Challenger: Applejack

[4] Source
Applejack Wallpaper

[5] Source
AppleJack Wallpaper

[6] Source
Apple Grunge /// Wallpaper

[7] Source
Stylized AJ Wallpaper

[8] Source
The Soldier

[9] Source
Good Job Cuz (light)

[10] Source
Applejack Is Best Girl HD Wallpaper

[11] Source
AppleJack D Wallpaper | Honesty

[12] Source
Human Applejack (GPro Edit)

And also links to the Daily Drawfriend!