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Saturday, 4 October 2014

News/Daily Dose Of Music | 2,000 views! / When You're Offline by Turquoise Splash

545999__safe_pinkiepie_trixie_lyra_lyraheartstrings_fireworks_artist-colon-rariedash_yearofthehorse_chinesenewyears by "someone on this forum thread" (I have no idea who did this...)

Yay! 2,000 views in 7 months! That might seem a lot but 2,000 views is just a huge jump from about 1,000 views at around late August. And this is also my 142nd post! Plus there were 46 posts last month! Lots of record breakers recently!

As a celebration, you viewers can have a Daily Dose Of Music post as well! When You're Offline by Turquoise Splash, this song quite fits my life sometime. I haven't heard how this song goes because I'm at my local library now (since my monthly internet ran out!) and I also forgot to bring my earphones to listen! (facepalm!) But when I'm back home I'll listen to it...

By the name of the song, that happens to me quite a lot! But anyways, have the song below the break!