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Thursday, 9 October 2014

Life | 3D Printing Workshop Part 1 (9:30am ~ 12:30pm)

3D Printing Workshop

Hello people! Right now I'm having a 3D Printing Workshop, I heard that there have been some trouble with Hasbro that a few people got involved in some months back. (EDQ post) That got me interested in this when I heard the news. So now I signed up for the workshop and here are some images I screenshotted.

I'm currently having lunch now so after this I'll be busy for another 3 more hours, if I don't post anything by then. I will post the next one over the weekend..

For the practise the group, about 14 kids, will be making a street lamp post with LED lights and everything. I will take a picture with the finished product in the next post.

The designed, cleared up a little bit more. This is just a practise with the group. (This will be about 5cm tall, I'm using Google Sketchup Make for this)

Nope folks! This thing is copyrighted to me :)

Opps, forgot to add the year!

Here is the programming for it. Very simple!

Anybody out there think that I got too many tabs? Imagine if you have only internet a few days of the week and if you need something in between, it would be impossible.

Also, KP-Shadowsquirrel got a whole page to just 3D pony figures. I got the link to that page above from there.