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September 19, 2015 @ 11:30AM on the Eastern Seaside of America! On the brand new, Discovery Family Channel =D

Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock!

Thursday, 27 November 2014

New | My Little Pony Humble Comics Bundle Now Available, thanks to All About MLP Merch & Equestria Daily

The YAY intensifies!

I will buy this! This is going to be amazing >0<

For credits, thanks to All ABout MLP Merch and Equestria Daily for if it were not for their posts I wouldn't have ever known about this! (Links to posts can be found below) You can also decide on how much you would like to pay!

Well? What are you waiting for? Get the link below!

Song | AlexWub | Returning Home (Non-pony related)

Note: This is not the actual pic, but I really need to know who drew this!

Here is just a song while I just typing away on my laptop working on my next post. I can't post for a while this weekend, my internet ran out DX (But instead have a nice song instead!)

But it only slows down my speed to around 265 kbps (note, the average internet speed of Australia is about 6.5 Mbps. And my local area as an average of about 4 Mbps. But I have only 1 Mbps ~ 500 kbps :P)

But I will survive! Have the song below!

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Comic | EStories | Seeds Of Darkness 69 + EStories got his 1 millionth view!

Seeds Of Darkness 69 by EStories (Preview)

Wow! EStories' views on his deviantART account just reached 1 million O.o
And it took him a little under 13 months! So far I have 4,000 "Start off small" as the saying goes.

Also, for the preview image I will be posting onto my deviantART when chapter 70 is released. I will also start to cover "Dash Academy" by SorcerusHorserus soon, when Chapter 7, Page 2 is released.

More things will be done soon, but school finishes in 2 weeks and I'm having a school musical concert that I'll be playing in a number of orchestras. So wouldn't be posting anything that night.

Enjoy the comic below! (Was supposed to post this 6 hours ago ^^" School got in the way)

Monday, 24 November 2014

News | 4,000 views???

 Me, when I found out a few minutes ago

Thanks everypony for getting me to 4,000 views in less than a month! I will be doing a 5,000 views special post, but I might even get a video/song up by then. I couldn't thank enough for all you viewers out there.

Your views keep me motivated to keep posting stuff, because I know that someone out there will be enjoying it! Below I will write a list of things I will/might be doing for the rest of the hiatus. 

Sunday, 23 November 2014

Video | SFM | Luna's Banishment - Deep Edition by Argodaemon

Luna's Banishment - Deep Edition by Argodaemon (Preview pic above [v1], v2)

The story of how Luna got banished to the moon has been told in many ways, but not like this. Oh no, this is a first. And you'll laugh your head off when you see this :P

Saturday, 22 November 2014

Going to SupaNova Adelaide!

I'll be going to SupaNova today! So excited :3

Also, I tweeted this morning and I got a reply from someone...

I can't wait XD

Daily Dose Of Music #03 | Remix | Academy (174UDSI Remix) Originally by BlackGryph0n & Baasik

Academy (174UDSI Remix) - BlackGryph0n & Baasik by 174UDSI (Preview Image here)

A very nice remix! This time with a Typography from Get Trixed, I guessed that this was made through Adobe After Effects. My level of Adobe After Effects is still quite low compared to this video. So you know how made I am now at on Adobe AE.

So this means, great song + great video  = Me posting this (Just kidding, have the song below)

Thursday, 20 November 2014

News | Site background changed!

The Princesses of Equestria by neodarkwing

Who likes the change? Please comment if you have other ideas for the background!

Video | Random #01 | MMMM??? by Tengami

MMMM??? by Tengami (Preview Image on deviantART)

And now I bring back from the dead! An old post from early September!

Warning! A very random video that just happened to have become a Opening Video for the "Top Ten Pony Videos of October"! Continue at your own risk ;D

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

News | Site Forever Saved!

Saving page~

Hi folks. I just found out recently that there is a site called Internet Archives or something, so I took a peek of it and decided to test it out. So now this site is forever saved on a computer somewhere on this planet.

For folks from the future coming back and seeing this post. You can check out the saved page here.

Video | Top 10 Pony Songs of October 2014 - Community Voted

I'm just going to plop this video here and go to bed now. See you all in the morning, but I'm just going to listen to this before I sleep :P

Daily Dose Of Music #02 | Remix | Bridesmaids (174UDSI Hardstyle Remix) Originally by FritzyBeat & Almost Anyone

FritzyBeat & Almost Anyone - Bridesmaids (174UDSI Hardstyle Remix) by 174UDSI

Have a 174UDSI remix, I'll just one more before bed. Ugh, I don't want to post too late or this will just keep playing in my head. Every time when there is either a Random post or early post on EQD, I post that link ;D

Anyways, just go listen to the song. If you like electronic music, then this is for you!

Video | MIDI #02 | Rainbow Factory (Duet & Solo) MIDI by DJDelta0 & Video by WeimTime Originally by WoodenToaster

Videos from both WeimTime and DJDelta0 can be found below. Link to image above

"Woho! Who like Rainbow Factory?"
*No one puts hand up*
"Awww :\"

I had a friend who shudders at even the mention of this, because I think he read the story. He never told me why ^^"

But just go and have the song below! (It is also getting late here, so this might take a few days~)

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Video | MIDI #01 | Glass of Water (Syntheia) by WeimTime

Glass of Water -- Synthesia HD by WeimTime

A old video, around late August ~ early September, I found a few no longer needed posts and junk.

I really like WeimTime's video, but I only found out not long ago that this is a joint collaboration between about 7~9 people. Including DJDelta0, who provides the midi.

Anyways, enjoy the song below.

Video | SFM | Leaving the Stable - Fallout Equestria by Argodaemon

Leaving the Stable - Fallout Equestria [SFM] by Argodaemon

Ok! Three month old post, be gone! (This is my third oldest draft post, still got 69 more to go :\

There done, how easy was that. I really need to be more efficient with my posting! So I'm gonna get piled under all the drafts and stuff. Have some Fallout: Equestria below.

One thing, all posts now from here onwards might have a "Quick Post" tag due to the fact that I finished posting within 15~5 min.

Daily Dose Of Music #01 | Music Cover | Awesome as I Wanna be by PrinceWhateverer (Cover Ft. Dreamchan)

PrinceWhateverer - Awesome as Wanna be by PrinceWhateverer (Cover ft. Dreamchan)

I don't think I ever posted Prince Whateverer's songs here before. But let me break that record now, so here. Have a Rainbow Rocks cover by him and also featuring Dreamchan.

Because I haven't been posting for a while, I'll just post tons of stuff tonight. So here is to start it off :D

Monday, 17 November 2014

Comic | EStories | Seeds Of Darkness 68

Seeds Of  Darkness 68 by EStories | I made the preview pic, like it?

Just something quick, I might not be posting as much as I used to now. Due to the fact that school finishes in less than a month and tests are always around the corner. Teaches bugging for assignments, school work and all that kind of stuff. Our school expects that and bit more for the freshmens (me, yr 8 now), my brother's coming to the same school next year. I heard that there would be either less school work but more homework or the other way round.

But, anyways.... Have the comic below!

Sunday, 16 November 2014

My Stuff | Rainbow Rocks Movie Was Great! Plus my site update!

Find Me! (Click for full size)

NOTE: Meesy writing due to late ngith and I'm very tired... 01 AM now~

Now, after posting/blogging for almost seven months now plus being on the internet for a few years now. I have never, never ever ever! put my face onto the internet. But that is about to change soon. For because, soon my face along with a few other people's face will be on EQD!!!

Can anyone guess where I am?

Friday, 14 November 2014

News/Video | OMG!!! 3,300 views already!!! / [SFM] Five Nights at Freddy's / And some updates

[SFM] Five Nights at Freddy's (Official video) [60FPS, FullHD] by Sayonara Maxwell

OMG XD 3,300 views already?! Thank you very much everyone for still coming back regularly/occasionally to check out my blog with the songs, videos and some news! I shall continue blogging because I know I at least have good outcome. See why below.

My early post of RainbowBob, the FIMFic writer, having a car accident will also be cover in here. And a few other things.

Have some Six ponies singing about Five Nights below :D

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Old Memories | 2011 | Music | The Beginning of Order by StormWolf

The Beginning of Order by StormWolf (2011)

Hello people, I have an important announcement to make!

Starting today I'll be posting something that I'll call "Old Memories" (for now, until either you guys come up with a better name, or something...). Every few days, or when ever I got what I needed (finally found a song or art that got taken down or it moved somewhere else because it was posted so long ago). The fan-made media period I'll be working from is 2010 ~ early 2013, I got three years worth of stuff. So I'm sure I'll be kept busy.

If you know a song or anything that was created during that time, and you also like it. Please comment below with either the link to wherever the file is or just a proof that it exists so I can do some research on it. When you enter the info, please do have a link back to your major website. (For me, it'll be this blog)

But enough talking, let's have some old school music!!! Find it below :D

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Video | Parody | Everything Wrong With The Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000 in 3 Minutes or Less by LittleshyFiM

(Parody) Everything Wrong With The Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000 in 3 Minutes or Less by LittleshyFiM

Ohhh! Those two rapscallions :\ But since they're in this one, that should mean more sins... Maybe... Never mind about that, check the sins out below!

Monday, 10 November 2014

Comic | EStories | Seeds Of darkness 67

Seeds Of Darkness 67 by EStories (Preview)

For some reason, this one felt short :\

Have the "link" to the comic below...

News | FIMFiction | RainbowBob news!

RainbowBob on FIMFiction

If any of your viewers out there follow Rainbow Bob over on FIMFiction, you might have heard that he had a very bad car accident a few days ago. You can find that in his blog post here.

But! I also found out there a group of people (including me) are coming together to write RainbowBob a "Gift Fic", where all the contributors will come together to write him a story.

You can find more about that below...

Friday, 7 November 2014

Daily Dose Of Music | Remix | Rainbow Rocks (174UDSI Remix)

Rainbow Rocks (174UDSI Remix) with lyrics by 174UDSI

Yay! Another 174UDSI remix, this time we have... Rainbow Rocks! The first song in the movie... Rainbow Rocks (The full name is actually, My Little Pony: Equestria Girls - Rainbow Rocks, but let's just go with Rainbow Rocks shall we).

I'm a huge fan of Rainbow Rocks as you can see if you click on the post labels below......

Did I also mention the AWESOME adobe transitions! :mlp-tsquee: (You can only view this icon if you have the "MLP Emoticons List" on Google Chrome, through chrome store)

But never mind that now, go and listen to 174UDSI's Rainbow Rocks remix! :D

Daily Dose Of Music | Black Gryph0n | "I'll Be There" - Apple Bloom, Fluttershy, BlackGryph0n, Lyra.

"I'll Be There" - Apple Bloom, Fluttershy, BlackGryph0n, Lyra. by Black Gryph0n

This amazing song by Michelle Creber (Apple Boom), Andrea Libman (Fluttershy), Gabriel Brown (Black Gryph0n) & Monique Creber (Lyra Heartstrings). This song is really well done >0<

You should check out the album that was released along with this song. Or you can just check out the video for the full links to the albums. Plus, this song have Andrea in it!!! How did they do that!!! Wow, they're really lucky to have to done.

But anyways, hear the song below :)

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

News | A few small upcoming site changes n' stuff (incomplete)

Eris is excited by Az-Pekt

Recently I've been quite sadden by things that had been happening in my life. So the number of posts might be low over the next few weeks because I will also be working on a site with my friends.

I might even ask bronies to help me out if the time starts to run out, I plan to get the majority of the site up by Hearths Warming Eve (Christmas). TrebleSketch.Net will feature... (find out after the break)

Read below for more info!

Monday, 3 November 2014

Feature Art | ILM126 | Fluttershy Sketch

Pinkie Pie Broke My Notebook by ArielSbx

Hey look! I got something posted over on my deviantART account, I just recently did a small artwork collab with my cousin (she's 6 and used to love ponies, I was the one to actually to introduce her to ponies!). It was from a picture of Fluttershy that she said she wanted me to draw in one of her pony books.

Check out the art below!

MIDI | DJDelta0 | Pinkie the Party Planner (with reprise) - Piano Transcription

Another picture that I found on Google

For some curious reason I have a lot of MIDIs that I found somewhere deep in my list of to blogs, so here, have a week full of MIDIs! Today's song is, Pinkie the Party Planner!

Enjoy the song below!

Comic | EStories | Seeds Of Darkness 66

Seeds Of Darkness 66 by EStories (Preview)

Congrads people. Both the previous page and page 64 made it to EQD!!! Here's the link to the post!

The one above does give a very heavy meaning to it... But I better go to bed now, I'll leave you guys to do the rest. I got all the links up already, just click and you're away :)

Have it below...

Sunday, 2 November 2014

Voting for Top Ten Pony Songs of OCTOBER 2014

Better vote now people! I got mine in already!

Daily Dose Of Music | Turquoise Splash | You'll Play Your Part (Colt Cover)

You'll Play Your Part (Colt Cover) by Turquoise Splash

Have some boys sing try to sing like girls (well, sort of) below!


Comic | EStories | Seeds Of Darkness 65

Seeds Of Darkness 65 by EStories (Preview)


The second to last of the "Holly-ween" series flashback, as EStories would like to call this. But the one above really is a cliffhanger. I have submitted to Equestria Daily all of the pages released this week, but only about 2~3 made it, including this one. Expect to see this in an EQD Comic post soon!

Anyways, enjoy the comic below! And have a cliffhanger below :P

Saturday, 1 November 2014

The Top Ten Pony Video Voting For October 2014

Better vote now folks! Time is running out. Vahahahahahaha :D

Comic | EStories | Seeds Of Darkness 64

Seeds Of Darkness 64 by EStories

This should be the second last one for the week... I think... ^_^"

The time zone difference between me and EStories really confuses me, he is in Germany and I'm in Australia. Some difference...

But here is the 64th page of Seeds Of Darkness, so anyways, enjoy!

Music | WIP | Summer Originally by JackleApp (ILM126 Remix)

WIP | Summer (ILM126 Remix) by ILM126

My latest song is now a Work In Progress! I'm around halfway finished with the song, but I'm looking for feedback at how it sounds so far. If you think that a certain part in this section of the song sounds a but funny or off. Please comment so I will know! Thanks, I am looking forward to some feedback :D

Listen to my latest remix below!

Happy Nightmare Night Folks!!! (Plus small update)

Nightmare Moon - Night Dessert by abydos91

Happy Nightmare Night folks! I hope all you out there will enjoy whatever you will be doing today!

Find out below what the small update is!