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Monday, 10 November 2014

News | FIMFiction | RainbowBob news!

RainbowBob on FIMFiction

If any of your viewers out there follow Rainbow Bob over on FIMFiction, you might have heard that he had a very bad car accident a few days ago. You can find that in his blog post here.

But! I also found out there a group of people (including me) are coming together to write RainbowBob a "Gift Fic", where all the contributors will come together to write him a story.

You can find more about that below...

(Note: Quicky Post)

First things first, I created this post so that there can be a place where the contributors can just chat.
Second, you can find the link to the Google Doc here
Third, if there are any writers out there that want to contact me. Just PM me over on FIMFic
Fourth, friend me on skype if you want some news on this. "treblesketch". Just ask.

FIMFiction Group | Our Gift for Rainbow Bob 

If the one below doesn't work, go here and chat. (You need Java for this to work!)


Code courtesy of ParaChat