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Monday, 24 November 2014

News | 4,000 views???

 Me, when I found out a few minutes ago

Thanks everypony for getting me to 4,000 views in less than a month! I will be doing a 5,000 views special post, but I might even get a video/song up by then. I couldn't thank enough for all you viewers out there.

Your views keep me motivated to keep posting stuff, because I know that someone out there will be enjoying it! Below I will write a list of things I will/might be doing for the rest of the hiatus. 

The Hiatus To-Do List

  1. Get a few songs done
  2. Draw some art
  3. Post some ponies (Reach 300 posts by Christmas)
  4. Finish my Treble Sketch Network site by Christmas
  5. Get one of my work onto EQD (Just 1!)
  6. A parody video, like LittleshyFiM's CinemareSins series
  7. Finish the "RainbowBob Gift Fic" story by Christmas
  8. Start to work on my 5,000 views video
  9. Basically everything done by Christmas!

Just a few things that I need to add later on. But see you then!