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Thursday, 27 November 2014

Song | AlexWub | Returning Home (Non-pony related)

Note: This is not the actual pic, but I really need to know who drew this!

Here is just a song while I just typing away on my laptop working on my next post. I can't post for a while this weekend, my internet ran out DX (But instead have a nice song instead!)

But it only slows down my speed to around 265 kbps (note, the average internet speed of Australia is about 6.5 Mbps. And my local area as an average of about 4 Mbps. But I have only 1 Mbps ~ 500 kbps :P)

But I will survive! Have the song below!

This is just a song from one of my followers over on Soundcloud, just have a listen. It's good, considering that it's his first song! My first one sounds really bad, have a listen here.

Note: Quicky post

Returning Home by AlexWub | LINK

Sound amazing! :D He really did a great job!