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Monday, 3 November 2014

Feature Art | ILM126 | Fluttershy Sketch

Pinkie Pie Broke My Notebook by ArielSbx

Hey look! I got something posted over on my deviantART account, I just recently did a small artwork collab with my cousin (she's 6 and used to love ponies, I was the one to actually to introduce her to ponies!). It was from a picture of Fluttershy that she said she wanted me to draw in one of her pony books.

Check out the art below!

I enjoyed my time drawing this for her, I also drew this because I wanted to keep my skill sharp. Because I don't draw all the time now... Something very sad happened in my life a week ago, I might tell you what happened, but not now... ;_;

But, anyways. Have my art below!

Or you can just go here.

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