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Friday, 19 December 2014

Site Wide News | Transferring Blog Soon!

Have some Coco Pommel while I get the blog transferred! Art work by Sophie Cabra

Hello people! I got a chuck of my website up and running for my own friends, but for the pony part of the site I'm thinking of moving this whole blog over..... I'm just going to try and do that tonight, when I have more time on my hands. The landing page can be found here! I'm still working on getting the forums up before I open up the main part of the site. I will try and get the stream site running as well, hopefully I can get some people in this mini community of mine!

Just to let you know, the main part of the site will host links to all the pony/brony-related site out there I can find, along with the help of my audience (which is you) I'll be able to build this BIG network where people can find any pony websites with ease or find a friend on another forum. (I'm still working that part out) But for now I'll just get the website links done!

Hopefully I can get this sorted in a few hours time!

(A Very Quicky Post, written in 10 min)