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Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Non-Pony News | SydneySiege, Over 30 hostages held (UPDATE)

Man Haron Monis, the man responsible

For all my viewers out there. Something happened in my capital city, Sydney, today. You might have already heard that up to 30 people had been held hostage in a Lindt Chocolate Shop at Martins Place in Sydney today. So far, only 5 people had made it out alive and are now supposedly in police custody.

Read more below! (UPDATE READ BELOW)

So far the siege had gone on for 14 hours now. Police is still trying to negotiate with the man. For the live news blog head over here, and for more just Google "Sydney Siege"

Please wish those hostages luck tonight. I'll put them in my prayers tonight /)

UPDATE, Hostages now freed and lone gunman dead. Read more here

Time now in Sydney: (My time is just minus 30 minutes from this time!)

 Twitter feed of #SydneySiege