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Thursday, 10 July 2014

FIMFiction Story Feature - "My Little Dashie" (Information Tribute)

My Little Dashie, written by ROBCakeran53

Here is my first story feature that I have done and I hope you'll enjoy what you see below. There will be fanart, songs and even a mini-movie shown below. This story really moved my heart when I read this, most people say that they cried when they read this. Well, now I'm one of them. Links below. And this will be update for the next few days, since that I just want this published. Took me about 30 minutes to do all this.

But enough chiter-chater, let's see how the fandom reacted to this story when it was published 3 years ago. On 26th of October, 2011.

Another funny thing is that, I just read My Little Dashie a few hours ago and just decided to post something about it here. So here is my type of tribute to My Little Dashie, the information style :D

My Little Dashie by ROBCakeran53

Link to story's FIMFiction Page
Link to story's Google Doc Page

Quick Stats. (Sorry, just like doing this)
Genre: Sad, Human
Status: Completed
Rating: Everyone
No. Of Chapters: 01 
No. Of Words: 12,524
No. Likes / Dislikes: 10,557 / 596
No. Views: 443,350 (FIMFiction's Most Viewed Story, proof)
No. Comments: 4,407
Date First Published: 26th of October, 2011
Date Finished: 26th of October, 2011

Warning: Contains Spoilers Below

(Proceed At Your Own Risk)


For more songs, here


Last Moments With Dashie by BlackGryph0n


(I posted this on BronySquare yesterday)

And the "Everything Wrong With *** In 3 Minutes Or Less" reaction