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Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Equestria Daily - Ponies Around The World (ALL LINKS UPDATED)

Map of Equestria by Entertainment(Not sure)

For the last few months Equestria Daily has been calling for photos from bronies around the world at their region's special feature or a landmark. From what Sethisto had been saying, this is the second year in a row that this is on.

And only on Monday Sethisto started to release some of the images. Check below the break for the links.

Note: Links will be updated daily :)
And I also submitted a picture at the last minute, a day late :\ But I got a reply back saying that it could still make it in the last post XD Hope I'll see it soon.

Day 06's submissions is released

There are about 600 entries and each post will hold about 100 each.

<Links updated daily>

Ponies Around The World 2014 Submissions (001~100) - Day 01
Ponies Around The World 2014 Submissions (101~200) - Day 02
Ponies Around The World 2014 Submissions (201~300) - Day 03
Ponies Around The World 2014 Submissions (301~400) - Day 04
Ponies Around The World 2014 Submissions (401~500) - Day 05
Ponies Around The World 2014 Submissions (501~564) - Day 06

Mine is no. 561. Just for those you people out there who wants to know. Link to art.

The only image I have with Lyra and her human counterpart in the same image, source www.welovefine.com