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Friday, 18 July 2014

AVCon 2014

AVCon = Anime and Video Games Convention

AVCon is Adelaide's proud gem and jewel in the world of anime and games. Each year it attracts thousands of people to its doors, many are from around the globe. Held each year during the Australian Winter School Holidays, people of all ages flood through those doors with the thoughts of games and anime on those minds.

And this year, after almost 5 years of waiting. I will be joining those few thousand people to enjoy a day of game testing and lots of anime :)

Below I placed some links, like to the official sites and what not.

Over a period of three days, 18/07 ~ 20/07, at the Adelaide Convention Centre. AVCon will be held with guests from around the world, Indie game testing, anime screening, game console tournaments and lots more. This year's theme for AVCon is "Fantasy RPG" and the three distinguish guests are: Jon St. John, Cherami Leigh and Chris Avellone.

I'll be posting some images I might take during my time there. If I couldn't, I'll just maybe write something about it.

Map of the Adelaide Convention Centre: