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Monday, 5 January 2015

Site Development | Dev Blog #01 | Hosting change and SSL

Replace "Next Season" with "This Website"

So I've been working on the site constantly since the week before Christmas now, but I've hit a huge brickwall. My previous hosting, Capnix, would let me upload anything else because I've reached the maximum amount of nodes (Like the amount of files allowed...) on the site. So now I've moved to GoDaddy for my hosting, costing me $50 D:

It's literally a pain in.. well... in my wallet... So now I've invested $150 on this site, this better turn out good! :)

And so far, it's going great. I'm hosting someone else's site, which I would state who sometime in the future; A portion of the "friends" section the site is up, the blog section; The forums is almost finished configuration; And I got my SSL to work!!!!

Not much else other than that, but I might change the site's name in the future. When the site picks up views and I get my PayPal account set up, which might not be for a few months.

Plus, if anyone wants to help out with the; coding, experience with HTML, PHP, JavaScript, and all others are great :D; art, like the promotion of site. Logos, site mascot and others; moderators, you basically are the warden of certain parts in the site. There might be more, but I'll add more in the future.

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