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Saturday, 24 January 2015

Chatrooms | LOE | The Argo Pony Clan

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Alright, I made a little chatroom for Argo's little group of fans that will be playing Legends of Equestria over the weekend. So if you want to chat with one of the most famous SFM artist out there, head down here during this weekend.

This idea was thought up during one of Argo's Friday Night 4-hour streams, along with the agreement of some other fans.

ACTIVE TIME: 24/01/2015 ~ 26/01/2015

GAME: Legends of Equestria

Check this awesome dude's
deviantART, Twitter, Twitch (Fridays 6pm~10pm NYC Time) and Youtube

Chatroom Admin: ILM126 and Treble Sketch (I'm both, either name)

The Argo Pony Clan

Click here for the chatroom

My Chat Room