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Sunday, 18 January 2015

Site Development | Advance Coding Stage / Info on Legends of Equestria Opening Weekend

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As the name suggests, I'm now currently undergoing an advance coding stage. I've got the whole layout of the site done and sketches of how each page is going to look as I progress along this year. I plan to have the site released at 12:00am UTC 26th of January 2015, I chose that day because it is also Australia ^^

And so I can have some free time to play a bit of Legends of Equestria ;D
The last time I played that game was a year ago, on the same opening weekend! Plus, I'm sure that the games has improved a lot since I last played it. I'll put the info for the opening weekend below as to save you the convenience of find the info yourself ^^

But! Site Development Comes First!

I've been working on the site layout since Christmas and have recently got all of my ideas down in detail, there will be two~three parts on the site.
  • The brony section
  • The friends section
  • And hosting
Originally this site was supposed to be a mini social site for me and my friends. But it grew to be larger than that, I imagine that it could be.

I recently downloaded Microsoft WebMatrix to help me with the programing and it also uses less RAM than Adobe Dreamweaver, that's a good thing because when I had my laptop (school laptop, I said this already in earlier posts) fixed last year they forgot to put back the additional 2 GB RAM that they included in every laptop. So now I have a 4 GB RAM laptop.

I'm now starting to learn JavaScript thanks to some suggestion and encouragement by one of my friends on Steam, Lexuzieel, who is the creator of Equestria Jukebox, the website I'm currently hosting my radio on!

And now I'm itching to play Kerbal Space Program now >\< I love that game and I also recently streamed it on Twitch then on Picarto.TV after I found out that the internet I'm going with couldn't stream the bitrate that was required. I also stream music at around 1pm UTC, 30 min music with some videos after that. Check back at that time and you might see me streaming!

And now for the fun below! >O<

Legends of Equestria Opening Weekend


How do you like to celebrate the new year? Either spending time with family, or partying with friends? Inclined to stay up all night one day and sleep in the next? However you spend this time of year, I personally like to celebrate it with ponies and more ponies - and now you can too!

Tune in later this month, from the 24th to the 26th, and you'll find that the servers will be open for all of you to come in and enjoy the game! We can all have fun playing, dancing, doing quests, fighting monsters, or just sittin' in the town square with your buds. 

The new build will be available on the 22nd of January at our downloads page. On the 24th, the servers will open at 12:01 AM EST and close on the 26th at 11:59 PM EST. 
We have recently created a new server system, which so far has proven to be far more secure than the previous system. This is a test of the new system. Please remember that you must have a forum account in order to log in and play the game. 

Everyone here on the team hopes to have some great fun together with you to kick off the new year, and we hope you'll join us for it! Roll on 2015!