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Thursday, 8 January 2015

FanFics | Google Doc | Fallout; Equestria - Project Horizons by Somber (Some Thoughts)

Fallout; Equestria - Project Horizons by Somber
EQD Story Post | Link
Also check out the original story | Link (EQD)

Ok... For sometime now I have been reading this damn long story. From what I've been told, it's 1,600,000 words longs with 72 published chapters. And from what I also heard, there will a last one being published by the end of this month! It's been going on since 2011(?)

But watch out! This is a grimdark story, with gore, laughs, crazy mares, damn big secrets from 200 years past, and.. um.. stuff ;)

I did say that, in May ^^", I'll be doing a Fallout: Equestria story review... Well, I haven't got to that yet. I kinda... forgot through the year ^^" But with this story coming along nicely, I might get around to do that soon-ish. And that would mean rereading... (650,00 words, so much less than Project Horizons)

Plus, this story might take some time for me to write a review. So expect it around 1 month after the last chapter is published. Then a few weeks/month later, Fo;E.

It took me almost a month (December 10, 2014) for me to read 63 chapters out of 73. There were plenty of WFB (What the Buck?!) and ROFL (Roll On Floor Laughing) bits in the story, then there the serious part hits the characters. I really love this story to bits.

This is seriously the best story I have ever read in my life so far! I don't think anything else will beat this =D

I'll write more on this story later, gotta get back on catching up the story. (Currently about to start reading the final volume, Horizons. Chapter 63, Perceptions)

- ILM126