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Wednesday, 6 August 2014

News - Yesterday Was Now Rarity Day

Rarity Rainbow Power by GhostlyMuse
Seems like yesterday was now Rarity Day! It is now confirmed, the 5th of August is Rarity Day. Rejoice, because now I have a excuse to be more generous :) (Even though I missed it)

Below is the quote from the Equestria Daily Post:

It is now Rarity Day. What do you do during Rarity Day?

1.) Set your Wallpaper to Rarity on all your electronic devices 
2.) Go give someone something with your unstoppable generosity
3.) Get a haircut, or do your hair (Bonus points if it's Rarity style) 
4.) Wear something nice
5.) Post Rarity on your Facebook wall, Twitter Feed, Google Plus thingy, Instagram thingy, or anywhere else socially
6.) Change your avatar to Rarity wherever you have avatars 

Now go make someone's day, with the song below...