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Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Poem - Send Us An Angel

Recently at school in English class we have been putting together a "Poem Anthology" booklet with Haiku, Limerick, Cinquain and free verse poems. It is now coming along nicely with my topic being: Friendship.

I have just found a friendship free verse poem and I would like to share it with you. See below the break to read it. (with link to the actual poem itself)

(But if you would have clicked on the blog title you would have gone straight there XD)

© Skylar 
Published: Oct 2008

Send Us An Angel

Ever mess up and can't fix your mistake
Only have one friend, cause they're too hard to make
Ever feel alone, by yourself in the world
sit in bed at night as your brain starts to twirl
ever been hurt so bad that you can't recover
no one to talk to
not a friend sister or brother
all you got left to do is pray
pray for a better way.
cause when life gives you trouble, what can you do?
pray that god sends an angel to you.
cause if you had an angel to brighten your smile
sit and talk to you once and a while
imagine your problems disappear
if only a friend would appear
so pray, pray for a better way,
it's all you got left to do
pray God sends an angel to you.

Link to the poem.