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Friday, 15 August 2014

Video - Project 1845's 3 Year Anniversary Episode 1: Flyover of Asian Themed Spawn

Project 1845

For the past three years I have been following this particular big minecraft project. Project 1845 is the largest minecraft project ever (to date). As the name suggests it recently had its 3 year anniversary, so far 350,000,000 blocks has laid since July, 2011. The thing about this is that, you really can't imagine the sheer scale of it.

It is also a entire 1:1 scale replica of Beijing city as it was in 1751 AD. For more info about this, go here for the Planet Minecraft page and here for the official site.

Below I have the 3 year anniversary videos series. It features the flyovers of a few of the major buildings in this project.