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Sunday, 5 April 2015

Daily Dose Of Music | WoodenToaster + MicTheMicrophone | Nightmare Night Piano Cover (Synthesia) by WeimTime, MIDI transcribed by Firelance2014

Nightmare Night Piano Cover -- Synthesia HD by WeimTime

I'm sure you all remember this song when it was released back in 2012, or at least have heard some variations of it since then. I was very impressed when I first heard it back around late 2013, it was one of the first fan songs I've heard and it just blown me away at the quality. And this piano cover isn't an exception.

DJDelta0 makes the amazing MIDIs and WeimTime with his team makes these amazing Synthesia Piano Cover/Tutorials.

Enjoy Nightmare Night on the piano below ^^ (Originally posted 31/03/2015)

EDIT: It was actually Firelance2014 that transcribed the song, thanks DJDelta0 for clarifying it (Youtube | Google +)