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Friday, 27 June 2014

Random Post - Quickly Made Memes

It was Sonic's 23rd birthday on Tuesday . Happy Birthday Sonic!

Hello all, it's been a while since I last posted. But here is just a quick post, quite a random one really. Last night I made a meme involving one of  my friends at school and our group's meme. I combined the "x-x-everywhere" with our won unique meme "The Tony Lu Meme"

Check below for the funny pic :)

Here is what I did with the images to create the meme. All these images were taken from my laptop and in a hurry too. (Note: I did this all under 5 hours)

Original Picture 1
Original Picture 2

Cropped out the background here too.
Then I cropped out the background

And then I put two memes together to get the results at the very bottom.
But first, let us see what are the two memes that I have combined actually look like apart from mine.

A) The x-x-Everywhere meme
The Base for the meme that I build off
The Bronies Version
The Pokemon "Zubats" version

A) The Tony Lu meme (exclusive to MHS Chatroomers)

Original Art done by one member of my school chatroom. This can be all seen on the deviantart site. mhschatroomers.deviantart.com

As the rest would be pretty self-explanatory. (All art below are done only be my site members)

And now, the final result of my 5 hour meme making on Paint.Net
This meme is going to be the first to be published on our meme wall at my school website, this school website was a joint project with the same friends who made the MATT F Code (see here). It is almost complete, we still have a few bugs to work on and more coding to write. It is going to be a pretty basic site. When it is launched I will be posting a celebrating post here along with the link, that would be soon.....

Noticed anything about the colour?