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Monday, 8 June 2015

Video | PRIL | The Valley (Music Video) by StormXF3

The Valley (MLP in Real Life Music Video) by StormXF3

StormXF3 has been making amazing PIRL videos (Ponies In Real Life) since 2012, you can see his first video here. Oh, and another example just for laughs, this time it's from BlackGryphon :P

Anyways, PRILs are very hard to make. You'll first need to know how to vector, this isn't needed if you're just using LittleshyFiM's Greenscreen Ponies, but I would still really recommend learn how to vector before you try any of this. Then you'll need a program to make these videos, I only know Adobe After Effects. It's what I use for any video rendering...

But if you want to learn more about this topic, head over to Littleshy's channel or just search Dr. Google for this.

Enjoy this beautiful video below, I was near to tears ;~;