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Friday, 9 May 2014

The End is Neigh

Have some Derp before we end the season with a BANG!!!

It has been a wonderful season. Season 4 has lots of surprises and events that will be carried on to future seasons. Below the break I have written a few paragraphs on what I thought on about this season and some other things I might be doing when it airs and what I might do for the next few months.

By the time this is posted, it would be midnight on Friday in New York. But it would be 1:30 pm Friday for me, but anyway. Onwards and forwards.

Thanks - 

This season had been the most amazing experience that I ever had with a fandom, there is always great supporting people out there that if you stuff up they will be there to help you back up again. There is also so many amazing, talented artists there that the fandom had made them shine. It has been a joyful ride. The artworks has also been fantastical, every time I go on Equestria Daily after a hard school day and open up the Daily Drawfriend. I am just blown away by how skilled these artists are and that I am just a amateur artits/song maker/fnafic writer/animator. I am looking forward to the end of the season and even more so the upcoming movie and the new season. Thanks everyone :)

Where I'll be each episode - 

I normally will be on the CMC Clubhouse over here. But now and then I will be over at Hax Mega's stream or at BronyTV's stream. I will normally be on about 1 hour before each episode. Look for the user: ILM126. I normally will be the one who counts down to each episode with this next to the screen. I just hang around until the episode, I also record it most of the time.

What Will I Be Doing During the Season 4 ~ Season 5 Hiatus - 

As soon as this season finishes I'll be continuing working on/finishing the mashup of all the season 4 songs. It would be up to 10 min long. I will be releasing that between 1 ~ 3 weeks after this weekend's episode. I will first upload it here then on Youtube, after that I will send Sethisto(the creator of Equestria Daily) the link to the song, add a single on my Bandcamp account and then finally add it to my SoundClound account. And then upload the album cover to deviantART.

Then I will be spending the next few months (maybe till October, since Rainbow Rocks might be released by then) remixing music, learning how to remix music, draw some art, practice to draw art, write fanfic and a whole lot of other stuff I'll mention when I do it. But the good thing is that season 5 has been announced. The picture below was what The Hub Network put on their twitter account. I am really excited and nervous now, and to quote: "I'm soooooo Nervous-cited now" - Pinkie PIe (MLP: Equestria Girls, 2013)

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