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Monday, 7 April 2014

MLP: FiM S04E21 'Testing, Testing, 1, 2, 3' Review

One word is all I need to describe this episode: Awe-inspiring. It was just epic. Here is the usual format that I use to watch episodes, how do you watch you episodes? I also use Bandicam to record and enjoy it again later, too bad it is unregistered :(

If anybody is confused with why have I got my windows tabs on the top, I'll say. My laptop was broken(in a way) that I could get it to Auto-hide(there is a function) so I just left it like that until I can fix it.
This is the screenshot from the flight where RD learns everything about the Wonderbolts.

So let's stop chatting and start reviewing.


Episode name: Testing, Testing, 1, 2, 3
Written by: Amy Keating Rogers
Fact (Find it here- https://twitter.com/KeatingRogers/status/452463878228549632)
When this script was written: February 2013
Air date (American Eastern Daylight Time): 10:30 am Saturday 5th of April 2014
Epicness: 100 out of 10
Rating: 100 out of 10

Official Synopsis From The Hub Network:
April 5 - "Testing, Testing, 1, 2, 3": Rainbow Dash is preparing to take her test on the history of the Wonderbolts, a test she must pass in order to become a member of the Wonderbolts Reserves. Twilight offers to help in her study, but soon realizes that her conventional methods do not work.

The episode started off straight to the point. We start off the episode zooming in on Twilight reading of the book having no idea at why is she reading it, next second, Rainbow Dash flies in and the pages of the book flies everywhere. Immediately Twilight shouts to RD "You are never going to pass the Wonderbolts test if you don't study for it!"...

I'm not very good at writing reviews that makes sense so let's cut it short this week. Long reviews are just not my thing. So let's sum the whole 22 minuet episode in two paragraphs.

Rainbow Dash is trying out for the Wonderbolts again but needed to pass the 'History of the Wonderbolts' test if she was going to have any chance of getting in the reserves team. So then Twilight offers to try and teach RD about how the Wonderbolts came into being, but fails to do so. Then Fluttershy tries her method of teaching, by giving a play for her to watch. It then also fails. Next Pinkie Pie stated that 'some people learn through music!' so then she started rapping with DJ-Pon3 in the background, but that doesn't work as well. Rarity then tried and so effortlessly failed to try and get her attention by the ways of uniforms that the previous Wonderbolts captains wore. By then Rainbow had already given up on trying to learn and flies away while Twilight tries to convince her that she can still learn but that everypony learns in different ways. But suddenly Rainbow pushes Twilight away to save her from crashing into a passing helicopter, Twilight then learns that while they were talking RD was also keeping an eye out in the sky and their surroundings. Then Twilight suddenly know how they could help Rainbow, so she summoned everypony in town to discuss what the plan is.

Later in the afternoon Twilight finds Rainbow feeling sorry for herself in a cloud high up in the sky, she then encourages her to 'come have a fly with me'. Both of them then had a lengthy conversation on the way back to RD's house. When they arrived at her house Twilight asked, "What do you remember from the flight?" Rainbow looked surprised that Twilight asked that question; she then started talking about how Celestria banished Luna to the moon, the E.P.U (Earth, Pegasi and Unicorn) clans come to protect the princess, the first Summer Sun Celebration, the flying routine that started the Wonderbolts, then she recited all the previous Wonderbolt captain's names, the routines, the uniform and everything there is to know about the Wonderbolts. After she is done, Rainbow looked at Twilight and asked  "How did you do that?". Twilight then explained that while they were flying and having conversation at the same time on the ground, everypony in town were first acting out Fluttershy's play about the banishment of Luna to the moon, then the costumes of all the previous commanders with their names called out, then the whole town yelling out and holding up flash cards of the Wonderbolts sign and the maneuvers. As Twilight figured before, Rainbow learns while she flies because she is a experienced flier and can multi-task. Then the scene moves to RD finishing the Wonderbolts History test, she finished the test then passed the sheet to the marker. He looked at the paper, showing no emotion at all, passed the sheet back while Rainbow looks as nervous as anyone could get. Then came the big stamp saying, "Perfect, 100%".

Testing, Testing, 1, 2, 3 is now my episode of the season and the whole series, Amy really did a good job at writing this, Twidash episode especially it also gives some light on learning difficulties. I have got friend who has Dyslexia, he has a different way of learning, just like what happened in this episode. This episode couldn't have been more epic. Also talking about epic, the season finale episodes synopsis has been released (You can read it here or on Equestria Daily). I think it will take it up another notch XD


See you guys in two weeks for "Trade Ta",

April 19 - "Trade Ya": Spike and the Mane 6 are headed to the Rainbow Falls Traders Exchange to find items they treasure. But when things don't go exactly as planned, the girls learn that nothing is more valuable than their friendship.

Hit the comments below, 1. Do you think that Amy should write more episodes like this? 2. What item do you value most? 3. What do you think will happen in 'Twilight's Kingdom'? 4. What genre should I do for my first Drawfriend?

- ILM126

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