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Monday, 31 March 2014

Weekly FIMFiction Stories #001

Here is my first weekly FIMFiction stories recommended to you or that it is a interesting story that I found. I just found these stories lying around so I just decided what was all the big fuss about and found these quite funny and crazy stories. This week's topic is, why don't let start off with a laugh, so: Comedy

Story 01 - Of Birds And Bees And Awkward Things

Genre: Comedy, Slice-of-life
Author: JoeShogun

Blurb: Princess Celestia has a hot date and a room full of naughty accessories. Twilight Sparkle has a question about her homework and a flair for showing up at unexpected times. Suddenly Twilight has many questions, and Celestia is pushed into a situation she has lived in terror of for years; 'The Talk.'


Story 02 - Equestria: The Time Loops

Genre: Comedy, Random
Author: Golden Vision

Blurb: Travelling back in time once is more than enough.  But more than once, and involuntarily?  Sheesh.  Twilight and the rest of the Mane Six are about to find out just how "crazy" (or bored) ponies can become when exposed to decades of time looping shenanigans.
Reader come in, there's pony within.  Prepare yourself for the horror, the wonder, and the insanity of the Equestrian Time Loop Files, preserved here for transdimensional hilarity.  And please remember not to feed the Temporasprites.


Story 03 - The Day My Beard Turned Into Pinkie Pie

Genre: Comedy, Random, Human
Author: TheSlorg

Blurb: Harvey Grimwold was a respected member of the Hell's Angels motorcycle gang. He rode a wicked hog, wore the best leather, and had an awesome beard. Then that same awesome beard turned into Pinkie Pie and his life turned upside down.


Story 03 - Twisted

Genre: Romance, Comedy
Author: Akumokagetsu

Blurb: Discord has developed the perfect plan.
He can have the world as his plaything, and he can get away with it, too!
... If only he could make Princess Celestia fall in love with him.
Fat chance.


That's all folks. See you next time :)